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Personalized marketing campaigns, promotions, help guides, tutorials, webinars, events and much more. Odilo Manager provides all services that your library needs.

Help guides
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What is Odilo Manager?

Odilo Manager is a service available to all Odilo customers to help them quickly and easily boost usage of their platform. We offer help guides and tutorials to allow you make the best use of your Odilo services.

In Odilo Manager you can find featured events and product release updates.

Public Libraries

In OdiloManager you will find training and promotional materials ready to use. Everything you need to get your library up and running with your Odilo services.

Special Libraries

Interact with your users about recently purchased titles and library events. All with one click.


Engage your students by setting up dynamic reading milestones. An effective and different way to evoke a passion for reading.


Encourage students to find additional materials for their studies using the campaigns in OdiloManager.


Help your employees with ad hoc training to enhance job skills by conducting campaigns and events.


Participate in events targeted to your industry and learn about the latest industry trends and products.

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For publishers:

Telephone: +1 (973) 746 9194

E-mail: publishers@odilo.us

For sales & channel partnership inquiries:

Telephone: + 1 (303) 335 0223

E-mail: sales@odilo.us

For marketing & press:

Telephone: + 1 (303) 335 0223

E-mail: marketing@odilo.us

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