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Online social reading experience. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Whether for community members or students, end-users of all levels will enjoy this interactive literary experience.

Do you have on-the-go, avid readers who don’t have time to attend an onsite bookclub? Now you can bring your reading community together using Odilo eBookClub.

End-users can easily follow and become a member of many different eBookClubs. Your community members or students will enjoy reading in a virtual book club setting, with direct access to the featured book, online discussions, live chat sessions, note-taking, and highlighting, sharing, and commenting on select passages. Members are notified by email of any new activity, comment, etc. that occurs within their club.

eBookClubs are simple to create and facilitate for library staff, or they can provide limited administrative rights to a patron, student, or educator.

  • Promote digital literacy and encourage active participation.
  • Customize eBookClubs with additional tabs, links, and unique information.
  • Establish milestones to assist in the reading journey, assigning reading deadlines, live chat sessions, etc.
  • Easily share books, comments, and passages in emails or social media.
  • Keep personal notes throughout the book for later reference.
  • Compliment classroom learning, whether K12 or college. Educators can add quizzes, notes, videos, and other supplemental educational materials.


Explore our eBookClub demo site at http://bookclub.odilo.us

For more information, please contact sales@odilo.us or visit us at odilo.us