Odilo Consortia

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OdiloCS allows seamless lending of digital content (eBooks, eAudio, eVideo, etc.) between regional networks, consortia, and state-wide agencies using industry standards such as MARC21, APIs, HTML5, and more. Any type of group can harness their collective buying power to manage their own eContent marketplace, share titles among member libraries, and meet individual library needs.

Team up for success!

  • Harness collective purchasing power and direct publisher negotiations.
  • Provide bestsellers, midlist, independent, and self-published titles.
  • Promote content from local authors, bands, etc.
  • Expand your catalog by sharing digital content among member libraries.
  • Simplify the patron experience: One single catalog interface for accessing print collections, individual collections and consortia collections.

Endless Implementation Choices


A single shared platform that fosters greater cooperation and collaboration between libraries through resource sharing.


Using the same platform shared by the consortia, individual libraries may choose to purchase popular titles or additional copies exclusively for their patrons.


A network of OdiloTK digital libraries linked together to share eContent.