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Completing the document life cycle

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Integral solution for physical, and electronic file preservation

Integral solution for physical, and electronic file preservation

ENI and ENS, and also OAIS, ISO 27.001

Legal guarantee: ENI and ENS, and also OAIS, ISO 27.001

Physical and electronic file

Complete solution of the physical and electronic file. Full functionality in files with constant updates

Interoperability with document managers

Interoperability with document managers


The solution of choice for digital preservation of physical and electronic assets

Integrated file processing

Adaptability options

Works in conjunction with all major document management processors.

Integrated INSIDE and Archive services.

Physical and electronical archive solution

Two storage modes together in harmony

Electronic + physical archive Management: A complete solution that meets the requirements for electronic file management and conventional physical storage management.

Preserves file originality and integrity.

Digital preservation

Preserve and guarantee future file accessibility

Our archive solution includes all features from Odilo’s preservation services.

Real-time management and preservation.

Distribution and access

Digital archive accessibility

Integrated file management framework with an advanced query system and user profiles feature for controlled access.

Designed for the operation and distribution of born digital and digitized content through an OAI-PMH repository.


Odilo's comprehensive solution guarantees full legal compliance, archival and security standards. This certified environment extends our SaaS solutions (software as a service) customers

Accredited compliance of the ENI and the Interoperability Technical Standards (ITS)

Certified compliance of the National Security Scheme

Certificate compliance with data protection regulations

ISO 14,721 compliance certificate. 100% OAIS

ISO 27.001 information security certificate

ISO 22301 business continuity certificate

ISO 9001 quality certificate

Our Solutions

Odilo products and services

OdiloA3W-AE - A complete electronic and physical file management solution.

Odilo Preserver - New generation digital preservation.

OAI-PMH - Service for the circulation of digital collections.

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The future of archives is in the cloud

The provision of archiving and digital preservation services is simplified:

  • Odilo provides an integrated and complete all-inclusive service.
  • The cloud offers a real technological renovation to the archives.
  • It includes a safe and continuous environment (ENS, ENI, OAIS, ISO 27.001 ...).


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