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Introducing Odilo Leisure

An innovative platform that allows companies in the travel, leisure, and healthcare industries to easily provide eBooks and more.

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How it works

The user connects to the host Wi-Fi network and enters the eBook storefront. From there, they can access all eBooks available and pick their preferred titles. The user has access to the selected titles for up to 5 days. During this time the user can read the eBooks via online streaming.

The eBooks are compatible with and can be read from any device (tablets, smartphones, laptops, MACs, PCs, eReaders, Kindles, etc). There is no software download required to read the eBooks. With one click, guests can immediately begin reading their eBooks of choice. Additionally, no passwords or usernames are required. Guests simply login to the eBook storefront with their email addresses and they immediately access all available books.

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For publishers:

Telephone: (973) 746 9194

E-mail: publishers@odilo.us

For sales inquiry:

Telephone: (303) 335 0223

E-mail: sales@odilo.us

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Telephone: (303) 335 0223

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