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Odilo offers publishers and content providers the opportunity to market and distribute their digital materials to library markets, state and local governments, along with the hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries.

Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital


OdiloPlace is flexible and adaptable to any publisher's preferred library business model, whether one-copy one-user, Pay-per-Use, simultaneous access, and/or subscription.

The optional “buy now” button allows library users to directly acquire contents, making the library a new sales channel. The optional 'Buy It Now' feature allows patrons/end-users to purchase books directly from publishers and content providers store fronts. Publishers can leverage our various marketing and sales analytic tools, available at no additional charge.

Quick & Easy Content Delivery

  1. Select titles to distribute.
  2. Choose your business model, pricing, and lending parameters.
  3. Titles appear in catalog and are ready to be acquired by libraries.
  4. Publishers are notified when their titles are purchased and a purchase order is automatically generated from OdiloPlace.
  5. OdiloPlace immediately provides libraries with access to purchased content.
  6. Publishers are provided with an OdiloPlace dashboard where they can access content usage data, alerts, and notifications.
Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital
Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital

The Value

Identify trends and turn insights into action with valuable data provided to both libraries and publishers. Publishers maximize sales with the direct-to-consumer channel, direct-to-library channel, and direct access to information that can inform marketing and business development strategies.

Monitor and control the end-to-end distribution process by analyzing data from the most accessed titles, or authors in circulation, to regional reading habits by libraries. In addition, OdiloPlace employs predictive technologies that anticipate library demands, and provides alerts to notify you of expiring licenses.

Marketing & Promotions

By working with libraries, Odilo offers new ways to promote your content, such as:

  • Providing access to publishers' entire catalogs (including titles not yet purchased by the library, promoting the patron driven acquisition concept).
  • Direct sales channel; the 'Buy it Now' link generates additional sales for publishers.
  • Seasonal promotions featuring free chapter previews, restricted streaming, and more.
  • Stimulate interest for titles through recommendations and curated lists displayed in library catalogs.
  • Targeted promotions based on readers' behavior and reading habits.
Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital
Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital

Lending Models

Publishers decide how best to commercialize the content and OdiloPlace provides the technology to make it possible. Implement different license access models at the title or collection level. OdiloPlace supports the following options:

  • One-user, one-copy (expiring, metered, or perpetual)
  • Pay-per-Use (PpU)
  • Simultaneous access
  • Subscription


Receive industry-based protection for your content with Adobe DRM. In addition, OdiloPlace is the only provider that currently allows a publisher or content provider to use their own Adobe Content Server. Our streaming HTML5 Cloud Reader (NubeReader) allows readers to read eBooks instantly in their web browser, without needing special software.

Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital
Odiloplace, software de biblioteca digital

Metrics and analytics

We provide publishers with all the information necessary to monitor and control the full distribution process.

OdiloPlace allows publishers to monitor their content by, providing them with information related to most read titles or authors, offering geographical distribution or user age segments, analyzing how reading habits differ by gender, etc.

OdiloPlace uses predictive technologies in order to anticipate demand for titles and allows publishers to notify and manage renewals and expiring licenses.

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