Promoting equality in education

Smart Cities

Promoting touristic interest and culture


ODILO creates the first Cultural Smart City in Croatia

Rodrigo Rodríguez, CEO of ODILO, talks about Smart Cities and specifically about the project carried out in the Croatian city of Opatija.

Building smart cities

Added value for visitors and citizens

A proposal for city administrations to provide their cities with a cultural and leisure option. Integrated solutions for content and services for visitors and citizens. Specially designed for the needs of the hospitality industry. Provides a differentiating value with other tourist destinations.

Smart Leisure

A city of leisure and culture

The Smart Leisure platform provides access from mobile devices to a magnificent collection of current press, multimedia content, and the latest editorial news in e-books.

Available from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Available in multiple languages.

Smart touristic destination

Mobile + location = Exclusive personalized content

Our ITD system allows visitors to access exclusive cultural content: audio guides, videos, e-books, etc., all from your mobile device. Uses Beacon location technology to provide materials designed for museums and monuments in real time.

Smart Libraries

The city, a large digital library

All digital library content available to citizens and visitors.

Access to all digital content from a single fully customizable platform.

Secure archive

A response to electronic administration

ODILO provides support services for electronic administration through a comprehensive solution of electronic, physical file and digital preservation.

Electronic administration imposes strict requirements for the archiving of digital documents. ODILO's secure archive solution guarantees that all regulatory requirements are met within full legal standards.

We provide management of electronic, physical and hybrid file documentation from a single service point.


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