The Colombian Ministry of Education offers thousands of multimedia titles to more than 7 million students through the Intelligent Digital Library developed by ODILO

  • More than 7 million students, their teachers, and their families can continue their learning process from home thanks to the “Colombia Aprende” Digital Library, developed by ODILO
  • The library integrates more than 600 Reading & Writing Clubs to improve learning and foster a comprehensive relationship between teachers and students

 The Colombian Ministry of National Education has opted for ODILO, a leading educational technology solution, as a virtual tool that provides access to students, teachers, and families with infinite learning opportunities just a click away.

During the daily message of the President of the Republic of Colombia, Iván Duque, the Minister of National Education, María Victoria Angulo, shared the actions that have been carried out this week to support the Education sector, among which is the Digital Library Colombia Aprende that it is part of the National Reading and Writing Plan.

“As of June 25, Colombian families have access to the Colombia Aprende Digital Library, which was made and designed for these times, but also for the process of digital transformation. There are more than 3,200 books, audiobooks and complete academic collections for families, and they can have take advantage of upto six downloads a week ”, announced Minister Angulo.

ODILO’s CEO, Rodrigo Rodríguez, also dedicated a few words to Colombian society in these uncertain times, referring especially to the company’s values ​​and mission:

“As a leading company in technology and digital education, we are proud to be able to help the Colombian educational community with the development of our educational technology and thousands of titles from the best providers in the world. Our mission is to democratize access to a free and inclusive education, foster lifelong learning, and improve literacy levels and critical thinking skills”.

Students and educators will have access to the Digital Library of the National Reading and Writing Plan throughout the national territory, which has 3,000+ titles available on loan which can be downloaded to the computer, tablet or smartphone for children, adolescents, young people and their families to enjoy reading and universal access to literature.

With this initiative, the National Government, through the Ministry of Education, offers useful content and learning tools for the development of academic activities at home.

The Colombia Aprende Digital Library, which is part of the National Reading and Writing Plan, has high-quality content in different formats such as ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and audiovisual material in all areas of knowledge.

Previously, a careful selection process was carried out, including criteria of quality, diversity, and relevance so that teachers, parents or caregivers can accompany children and young people in the development of their reading skills.

Reading clubs

Teachers will receive special support through more than 600 Reading Clubs, a strategy that includes different activities to improve learning and promote a fostering a relationship of understanding relationships between teachers and students.

The goal is to integrate reading as a common axis to the teaching process for different areas of knowledge. The reading clubs have been created by levels, including Preschool, Basic Elementary, Basic Secondary and Middle Education of the official educational sector, available to all teachers and students in the country.

Likewise, teachers will be able to create new Reading Clubs that will contribute to the development of students’ abilities and will favor the participation of families in the reading and writing processes.

Through the Reading Clubs, access to quality books is also expanded in various formats, reading in different spaces is encouraged and the training of significant readers, writers and contexts is accompanied.

With these actions, the Ministry of Education advances in the generation of conditions and reiterates its commitment to continue with all strategies to guarantee the right of education for children and youth in Colombia, prioritizing the safety and health of children, students, teachers, principals, members of the educational community, and their families, while maintaining its commitment to the search for mechanisms that allow the development of the educational path.

How to access the Digital Library?

To access the Digital Library created by ODILO, users must download the free application called PNLE Biblioteca Digital on tablets or cell phones with Android or iOS technology through the Play Store or App Store. 

The other option to access the Colombia Aprende Digital Library is through the page https://bibliotecadigital.colombiaaprende.edu.co/. With this link, an online registration process is done at no cost. Once the material has been registered and downloaded, it can be read offline. The material is loaned free for a period of 21 days with the option of an extension.

Step by step to access the Digital Library

  1. Enter: https://bibliotecadigital.colombiaaprende.edu.co/ or download the App on tablets or cell phones with Android technology or with the iOS operating system.
  2. Click on register.
  3. Complete the registration form.
  4. Browse over 3,000 books, audiobooks, or videos.
  5. Select the title you want to read.
  6. Borrow the material.
  7. Download the book on the electronic device of your choice: computer, tablet or phone. (In this way you will not need an internet connection to read it).
  8. Time to read!

Students and teachers of the Institutions that use the Colombia Aprende Digital Library will also have access to training processes through tutorials, webinars, (webinars), workshops, and virtual events on the management and use of the digital platform. This process and accompaniment will be carried out with the support of ODILO, an expert in digital tools to offer easy access to and use of the Digital Library.

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