Unlimited Learning for the best educational experience

Al Najah School joins the Unlimited Learning Revolution to create an education that approaches learning as a lifelong habit and favors each individual’s progress.

Get to know how one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi is offering access to million content assets and autonomous learning with ODILO.

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Inspiring passion for learning

Al Najah has managed schools and nurseries since 2011, promoting life-long love for learning among their students with a clear focus on academic development as well as emotional intelligence, 21st century critical thinking, and social skills.

Now, they are joining Unlimited Learning to continue growing towards the best quality and most highly personalized education to help each student at their school achieve their maximum potential.

Al Najah Unlimited Learning Ecosystem

  • Millions of educational content items
  • Content in all kinds of formats from ebooks to videos, podcasts...
  • Branded and personalized platform
  • User friendly for students, teachers and parents
  • Available for every device: learn anywhere at anytime

Discover how Al Najah developed its own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem and how you can do it too