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Pete Pearson
Enjoying retirement
Wants to learn: Fishing techniques, hicking tips, literature.
Learning now with ODILO:
Jennifer Carsten
Wants to learn: Competitive strategies, history, corporate success stories.
Learning now with ODILO:
Mark Jacobs
Sr. Data Scientist
Wants to learn: Python, Entrepreneurship, Tennis.
Learning now with ODILO:
Mario Sánchez
School Student
Wants to learn: Jules Verne classics, adventure comics; elementary English.
Learning now with ODILO:
Rick Johnson
University Student
Wants to learn: business strategy, management, sport techniques.
Learning now with ODILO:
Magdalene Stevens
Public Library User
Wants to learn: healthy habits, bestsellers, news.
Learning now with ODILO:
Sophie Lawrence
School Teacher
Wants to learn: educational innovation, cooking.
Learning now with ODILO:

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