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One-click access to the largest educational catalog in the world in every type of format possible from +6300 top providers in 43 languages together with the best offer of learning experiences created by ODILO and our 170 millions of users.

Intelligent profiling & IA solutions

Now organizations can create learning experiences using their own content, from other providers or from the ODILO factory. Make it scalable and much faster creating customized experiences without restrictions.

Customized BI System

Start tracking all forms of learning with the first BI System that adapts to every organization which integrates all the data and insights needed to understand and optimize the learning journey and programs.

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Elevated cloud proficiency

Explore AWS' Training & Certifications hub, the gateway to 3,000+ cutting-edge courses curated for businesses with a workforce of 250 employees or more and discover a wide range of specialized programs, from Machine Learning, AI, Cost Management, Data Analytics to Cloud Economics and more.

The All-in-one solution

Offer a comprehensive, ready-to-go training program featuring and specific solutions designed to help SMBs organizations foster a continuous learning environment over 11,000 resources, carefully curated from the most authoritative content providers to drive corporate strategies and ensure the achievement of learning objectives that are personalized and developed by HR for employees.

The path to corporate excellence

Drive corporate CSR & Sustainability strategies and ensure employees actively contribute to achieving sustainability goals through personalized training plans, learning experiences and multi-format resources. Explore the curated multiformat resource catalog organized into Environmental, Social and Governance, the three key ESG areas.

Empowering inclusive workplaces

Elevate the company's culture with a tailored program that offers content in different formats organized into 4 areas: Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, to foster the entire corporate community growth through personalized learning pathways, meticulously aligned with the company's objectives.

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