ODILO and Amazon Web Services

A key partnership to provide secured unlimited learning services to more than 8.500 organizations worldwide

Working together to provide lifelong learning to the world and help everyone become the best version of themselves with full legal and security to every organization and its users and guarantees.


More than 8.500 organizations already trust us

Our solutions powered by AWS

Unlimited learning adaptable to every learner through intelligent profiling and IA solutions

With ODILO, organizations can create learning experiences using their own content, from other providers or from the ODILO factory, and in all possible formats. This makes it scalable and much faster to create customized experiences without format or copyright restrictions.

Unified access to + 4 million resources in every type of format possible

One-click access to the largest educational catalog in the world from +6300 top providers in all digital formats in 43 languages together with the best offer of learning experiences created by ODILO and our millions of users.

Integrated and customized BI. The first BI System that adapts to every organization and tracks all the different ways of learning

ODILO BI offers a customized system which integrates all the data and insights needed to understand and optimize the learning journey and programs.

How ODILO uses the AWS cloud services

Thanks to AWS Serverless BI tools like Quicksight, Glue or Athena, platform administrators (HR, library managers, school managers, etc.) can gain insights into the use of Odilo platforms, so they know which user groups to focus resources on. Additional access so that teachers and families can learn and get certified within the ecosystem. Access offline from any device.

More than 8.800 organizations trust ODILO to have access to high-quality digital content securely and with minimal latency in virtually every region of the world.

Odilo works with more than 6000 content providers who supply Odilo with more than 3 million resources in different formats and more than 35 languages. Without the S3 service and its integration with Cloudfront, it would be impossible to store this amount of data and distribute it globally.

At Odilo’s ecosystems we count with a game changing feature as we offer the solution to extremely different targets (different verticals), the intelligent profiling. The profiling allows audience segmentation tailoring content for the users to see the most relevant resources for their cohort. In short, profiling is an intelligent and personalized selection of content. Thanks to Amazon Personalize we can cover all sorts of needs and audiences, boost exposure of specific vendors, create different campaigns into one single platform, organize carousels differently according to the profiles, etc.

What are the benefits for companies?

1. Unlimited Learning

Unified access to all the content

2. Efficient

Unlimited Learning Experiences

3. Frictionless

Customized Intelligent Platform

4. Efficient and value

Integrated & Customized BI System

5. Efficient and value

Unlimited Learning Coach

+ Frictionless

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