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Challenges in the learning process today


The learning experience universities provide is not in line with the modern trends that your students love.


Students need to develop key critical skills in a competitive and rapidly changing job market.


Acquiring quality content for all students is challenging and inflexible.

Finally the Learning Experience
& Content Distribution Solution You Really Want…

Highly Engaging Experience

Beautiful user experience, akin to popular apps like Netflix. Deeply personalised to reflect organisational cultures and goals

Capitalise & Commercialise Your Content

Upload your own content and make it accessible to all students, faculty and alumni. Optionally generate new revenue streams by monetising your content

Learn Anything, Anywhere

Fully inclusive learning experience, adapting to all interests and learning abilities

Continuous & Unlimited Upskilling

Access content on-demand covering all skills, sizes and formats

Increase Engagement with Alumni

Access to the content they are looking for. Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing with interactive, personalised learning clubs

Real-time stats & evaluation

Monitor all learning activity for students, alumni, and faculty members and generate personalized reports

The Netflix-styled Solution
for Universities

Intelligent, Netflix-styled Experiences

Single Access to All Your Learning Content

Interactive, Personalised Learning Clubs

Comprehensive Statistics

  • Personalised, targeted learning experiences
  • Personalised content recommendations
  • Fully inclusive
  • Accessible offline and online
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Upload your own content
  • Covering all key knowledge gaps
  • Multimedia: ebooks, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Access to over 3 million titles from the ODILO marketplace
  • Develop personalised learning plans
  • Assess comprehension of any title or own material
  • Promote knowledge exchange & critical thinking skills
  • Fun, social interaction across your students, faculty and alumni
  • Real-time monitoring of all learning activity
  • Fun & gamified engagement
  • Ability to create custom reports

Access to the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Catalog.
All Skills and Topics. All Popular Formats.

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