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Now we have our own Chilean "Netflix for Education". The Ministry of Education launched an intelligent content platform and a National Literacy Program. Teachers, families, and students of the public education system and especially children from subsidized schools can now access and read thousands of titles with their ID.

Marcela Cubillos
Minister of Education of Chile

We are pleased to have chosen ODILO as a key strategic partner to develop an optimized digital library experience for all the users of our system. Our team is really excited to partner with ODILO in this new stage and offer the Dutch library users the best digital experience.

Hans Pleysier
Project Manager of the National Libraries of the Netherlands

By having our 'Vodafone University' platform available to over 5,000 employees, we offer them a great tool to access amazing content of interest, with great user experience and the possibility to learn everywhere and at all times in the workplace, while commuting, or at home with their kids.

Myriam Escobar
Learnig & Development Specialist - Vodafone Spain

The ODILO platform provides the State Library of NSW with the flexibility and functionality to host a statewide collection of titles as well as segmented collections of locally important community content for the NSW public library network. Throughout the project ODILO has provided prompt and professional assistance.

Ross Balharrie
Service Delivery Coordinator , New South Wales State Library

My award is an award for every child who loves to read. Thanks to ODILO I get access to my favorite books and authors, I have been able to practice my English and I can even read at home with my family. Being chosen as the winner of the ODILO Young Reader's Award and being able to speak at the European Parliament was a great opportunity to inspire more people to read and learn.

Sergio Sánchez, 11 years old
Winner of the OYR Award, considered the best reader in the world, had the opportunity to receive his award and give a speech at the European Parliament in Brussels

User reviews beat industry standards in every category

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(*) How it was calculated:

ODILO: Average of Odilo´s customer's apps weighted by the number of users of each platform for the different application stores.

Others: Average of the top 30 largest education content providers and aggregators for the different application stores.

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Susana Romano


It is a very easy to use app with very interesting content that covers different person spectra. Very practical since it allows to continue with the chosen reading in any moment or place in the available time.

Desde ultramar


Wide selection

It’s great to have such a large library in minutes



Delighted with this app

For me this application has been a great discovery. Having this variety of resources available is wonderful. It means a great saving of time and speed when looking for a certain title. I’m delighted.

Teacher 4º EGB – Private School – Ecuador


I find it a useful tool for developing a reading habit. It has a great variety of books. It is friendly to create exercises and check the progress.

Natalie Sosa


It is an excellent application, very practical and intuitive. Very accessible for people with low vision. Recommendable.



Wonderful app

I love it, it is a wonderful and beautifully designed idea. Congratulations.



A perfect application!

There is nothing like taking a book out of the library without having to scroll. A perfect application. Thank you.

Bruno González


The best. To have all this literature available. A super updated library and with all the classics too. I hope it continues to grow, more users, more texts, more copies of each title.

Luisa KM


My grandchildren & I just love it!

Lector biblio1


Thank you

Thanks for gifting us reading

Carlos Guillermo Montaño


It is very good, it allows me to access books, which I use mainly for study, in a friendly way, good catalog and very varied.

Our clients generate the best kind of buzz

Bib. de Geológicas UCM

Aprovechad estas Navidades para probar ODILO, la nueva plataforma de préstamos de libros-e de la #Biblio ¡os va a encantar!

Cuanta con más de 1200 libros de diversas materias.

Podéis acceder desde bibliotecacomplutense.odilotk.es o desde su App.

Más info: biblioguias.ucm.es/odilo

Federación Pinardi

Our teachers from @pinardioficial have taken advantage of this morning by getting to know, first hand, an amazing tool to offer an opportunity to girls and guys to improve their #literacylevels through #TICs @ODILO_ENG

Federación Pinardi

This school year, children of @pinardi_oficial have a #virtual #library where they can access numerous books without leaving the classroom. Thanks to @ODILO_ES and @ProFuturo_ we create a space in which to connect what we read with emotions and experiences.

R. Boj

EBiblio by ODILO. Don’t you know this app? It allows you to get access to books, comics, audiobooks, magazines…Like going to the library, but without leaving your place! A wonderful app that only requires you to register for free at your local library.

Spanish Federation – FESABID

Congratulations to the companies of #ClusterFesabid as ODILO who continue to work hard during this pandemic to bring digital content to readers around the world. 

Paz Escárate

The app that changed my life: @BPDigital_cl


A great reading experience and books about entrepreneurship, trends, marketing, law, social responsibility and much more is what you will find in the digital library of @ODILO_EN

Mai Ancinas

Another example of hoy technology democratizes education.

DM – Twitter

Congratulations for your platform, it looks like it could revolutionize the world of education as in the case of Netflix in entertainment.  

Pilar López

Congratulations to this great reader. To teach us how to read is the best gift we can get in life.

European Commission

When #Odilo, a Spanish company, realized that the reading level of the students was that low… They decided to act! With the support of the EU, they make digital content accessible to stimulate reading and make a huge contribution to #culture. europa.eu/investeu/proje


Mauricio Roussel

They do a fantastic job! It’s an excellent app and my friends and colleagues also find it great. Keep working every day, you are doing a great job! Greetings form the Temuco train!

Biblio C. del Buey

What is #Nubeteca? That’s the most pronounced phrase by our users. In only 5 minutes the get the #odilo app downloaded on their phones, ipads or ereaders and they get digital books to read for #free and #legaly @DipdeBadajoz @1234_redes @poctep @castellano @Corrisali

Sara Solomando

I am not sure if other communities have it, but I think it’s wonderful and fantastic that any student from Extremadura can access such a big catalog of free online titles.

Mañana Empieza Hoy – Social innovation platform

ODILO is bringing education to everyone. A great example to follow.

Carlos Maillet Aránguiz

In @Patrimonio_cl by @culturas_cl we have promoted not only physical reading but also digital. Through the @BPDigital_cl more than 340,000 free loans / downloads have been made, with more than 27,000 active users.


Wonderful. It has been working since last year. A fantastic resource for students and teachers.

Irene Febres

Congrats to this beautiful child for his dedication and talent. It’s very important to read. We have to incentivize reading.

Mario Invernizzi

I just registered on the @Plan_Ceibal.

Here: ceibal.edu.uy/biblioteca

Jorge Gestoso

Uruguay: More than 120.000 users during Biblioteca Pais’ first year, developed by Plan Ceibal, which gives all children of Uruguayan public schools a computer, an exemplary plan that has been taken as a model in several Latin American and Caribbean countries. @larepublica_uy