Hi, we are ODILO :); A few years ago, in Cartagena, Spain; we decided to transform the educational sector forever; How? By creating a world where education is truly; democratized, personalized, intelligent and has no barriers.; Everyday we work towards building that world; with the help of innovators from all areas:; Ministries of Education & Culture, Schools, Universities, Libraries & Companies.; Be part of this powerful transformation; and make a difference for your community today.; Join us!

ODILO is considered by many as the “Netflix for Education”.
We are passionate about what we do and strive to:
Democratise access to high-quality education, creating a world with unlimited learning possibilities for all
Improve literacy levels and critical thinking skills, as independent and informed thinking will help us to advance as a global society
Empower Lifelong Learning, inspiring millions of people to integrate learning as a daily habit
We work in partnership with government and companies worldwide to achieve UNESCO 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
We are proud to be supported by the European Commission to improve literacy across Europe and founded the ODILO Young Reader Awards - helping countries and schools foster and find the best young readers across their nation.

Our team creates industry firsts: personalised, data-driven solutions that offer the best interactive experience and unlimited learning possibilities to your learners. Finally, your learners can get what they really want and realise their full potential.

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