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Challenges in the learning process today


Reading habits need to be developed as early as possible to help students all over the world reach their full potential.


Access to education and high- quality learning materials is unequal and learners with special needs and disabilities need special support.


Families need to be more involved in the learning process.

Finally...the Learning Experience
You Really Want

Engaging Experience

Beautiful user experience, akin to popular apps like Netflix. Deeply personalized to reflect organizational cultures and goals.

Develop Critical Skills
& Strong Reading Habits

3-5x increase in reading habits. Access the best all-encompassing content to develop needed skills, sizes and formats.

Increase reading & learning stats
across the entire country

Promote easy access to a high-quality educational platform with a comprehensive and reliable indicator of students’ capabilities, that allows you to fine-tune your education policies.

Promote Learning
Without any Barriers

Fully inclusive learning experience. A solution adapted to all interests & learning abilities. Non-stop reading at school, anywhere, anytime.

Educators & Families

Monitor reading & writing progress for each student in real-time.

Learning Plans

Access personalized reading and writing plans handcrafted by our team of learning experts. Save time and increase class engagement.

The Netflix-Style Solution
for Innovative Governments

Intelligent Netflix-Style Learning Experience

High-Quality & Diverse Content

Personalised Reading & Writing Plans

Real-Time Progress Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Personalised & targeted reading & writing plans
  • Inclusive learning & reading
  • Accessible offline & online
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Curricular & non-curricular content available
  • Multimedia: ebooks, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Access to over 3 million digital titles from the ODILO marketplace
  • Develop personalized plans for each student
  • Assess reading comprehension
  • Promote critical thinking skills among students
  • Encourage creative storytelling
  • Real-time monitoring of all learning activity
  • Fun & gamified engagement
  • Ability to create custom reports
  • Better engagement of families & teachers in the learning process

Access to the world’s Largest and Most Comprehensive Catalog.
All Skills and Topics. All Popular Formats.

...and more!


Calgary Board of Education of Western Canada

MADREAD, The Unlimited Learning Ecosystem of Madrid
Public Schools of Navarre, Spain
CRA - Ministry of Education. Chile

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