Creating intelligent digital libraries for Public Library Innovators

We democratize intelligent access to high-quality content for everyone, everywhere
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Challenges in the learning process today


High-quality content can be costly and lending policies inflexible.


Libraries find it challenging to stimulate user engagement and library membership growth.


Acquiring quality content for all citizens is challenging and inflexible.

Finally the Intelligent Experience
You Really Want…

Engaging Experience

Beautiful user experience, akin to popular apps like Netflix & Spotify

Market leader
for the best reading experience

3-5x increase in reading habits. Access the best, all-encompassing content to develop all needed skills, sizes and formats

space & money

By having an intelligent digital library your organization will save up to 90% in title costs & your users will have access to any titles they truly want

Increase reading & learning activity
in your community

Increase your library membership by 80%. Promote easy access to a high-quality digital library platform

Promote Learning
Without any Barriers

Fully inclusive learning experience. A solution adapted to all interests & learning abilities. Non-stop reading, anywhere, anytime

Book Clubs

Offer an exciting, engaging experience with your community through virtual book clubs. Increase your engagement with your patrons in an exciting social experience and direct access to authors

The Netflix-Styled Solution for
Innovative Public Libraries

Intelligent, Netflix-Styled Experiences

High-quality & diverse content

Virtual Learning Clubs

Real-time progress monitoring

  • Inclusive learning & reading
  • Accessible online & offline
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Multimedia: ebooks, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Access to over 3 million titles from the ODILO marketplace
  • Personalized "book club" styled digital clubs
  • Exciting, interactive experiences on any device
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Real-time monitoring of all learning activity
  • Fun & gamified engagement
  • Ability to create custom reports

Access to the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Catalog.
All Skills and Topics. All Popular Formats.

...and more!



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