Empowering Digital Education



In the field of digital education, ODILO has emerged as a pioneer of innovation and accessibility

At ODILO, we offer a transformative platform that empowers learners worldwide. Our journey has recently been spotlighted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), highlighting the significant impact of our partnership in reshaping the digital learning landscape.


ODILO’s mission

Since our inception in 2011, ODILO has been at the forefront of revolutionizing education through technology. Our mission is clear; to empower everyone to become the best version of themselves by allowing any organization to provide unlimited learning in the most frictionless, efficient and valuable way. With a user base spanning more than 170 million individuals across 54 countries, we’re committed to making quality education accessible to all.


The role of AWS in our journey

Our collaboration with AWS has been really important in realizing this vision. AWS’s powerful infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies have significantly enhanced the performance, scalability, and security of our platforms. Through seamless integration of AWS tools, we’ve been able to optimize content delivery, personalize learning experiences, and provide tailored support to each user.

AWS’s case study on ODILO showcases the key achievements and milestones of our partnership. From leveraging machine-learning for personalized recommendations to using data analytics for decision-making, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in digital education.


Reaching users worldwide

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with AWS is the global reach it provides us. With AWS’s extensive network of data centers, we can deliver content with low latency and high reliability, even in remote areas with limited connectivity. This has allowed us to expand our services to diverse organizations, from public and private schools and universities, to governments and global companies worldwide.

Unlimited opportunities for partnerships

As we continue to pioneer digital education, at ODILO we are looking to partner with organizations that are passionate about empowering learners and transforming education. If you’re a content provider, join us as we write the next chapter in the story of learning.

Explore our journey with Amazon Web Services of education to learn more and get involved.


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We believe that education has the power to change lives and shape the future. With AWS by our side, we’re proud to be leading the charge towards a more inclusive, accessible, and empowering learning experience for all. 

Learn more about our success story with AWS by reading the full case study.