ODILO and AWS innovate in the evolution of digital education

  • ODILO strengthens the user experience for its more than 8,500 customers using cutting-edge AWS services, including data storage at scale, artificial intelligence, security services, and more.
  • It is one of the world’s largest educational technology companies by user penetration, creating a new category that is innovating the way schools, universities, and businesses learn in more than 50 countries around the world.

Madrid, June 5th 2023.- ODILO, the Spanish EdTech that has launched a new category in the education market allowing any organization to create their own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), continues to bet on tools that enable the evolution of digital education. 

ODILO is enhancing the performance of its Unlimited Learning Ecosystems for more than 8,500 customers by using cutting-edge AWS services, including data storage at scale, artificial intelligence, security services, and more. ODILO uses tools to automate processes, protect data and privacy, and optimize cloud resource performance.  

AWS infrastructure provides secure and reliable services that can be used to scale and adapt to high-volume user traffic and complex applications, autonomously learn from resources and programs being used simultaneously within ODILO’s Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, and offer a variety of security services that can be leveraged to protect data and applications from external threats.

Among the particularities that characterize ODILO’s Unlimited Learning Ecosystems are the possibilities of providing the user with personalized content. ODILO uses Amazon Personalize, an AI-powered AWS service that makes recommendations and performs intelligent user segmentation at scale. This enables the Ecosystem to select educational content and learning experiences from millions of options to adapt to the preferences and needs of each organization and user. ODILO, through the use of artificial intelligence, facilitates the creation of unique learning pathways for both organizations and individual users.

With AWS serverless data tools such as Amazon Quicksight, Amazon Glue, and Amazon Athena and the support of our Unlimited Learning Coaches, companies, managers, teachers, and families can measure and continuously monitor the user’s learning process, using data to measure learning outcomes in relation to any content or methodology and recommend best practices and learning activities with the support of ODILO’s experts. 

ODILO’s unique Business Intelligence system, which is capable of measuring different forms of learning, uses Amazon QuickSight to offer a variety of tools to help organizations working with ODILO quickly and accurately obtain information about the data generated in their Ecosystems. It includes tools such as pivot tables, deep analysis, data collaboration between teams, and the creation of interactive graphs and reports. 

Another service that allows Unlimited Learning to reach more than 170 million users worldwide is Amazon CloudFront, which allows the secure delivery of content with low latency and high transfer speeds without interruptions. Amazon CloudFront also provides features such as security, traffic control, and analysis, making it an ideal solution for distributing multi-format content in more than 43 languages and from over 6,300 providers.

AWS continuously innovates to offer new services that allow ODILO to experiment and innovate faster. “Providing a secure platform for our customers is of utmost importance at ODILO. By leveraging AWS services and security best practices, we are able to build a robust and secure architecture that complies with the highest security standards. At ODILO, we are committed to delivering the highest level of security and reliability to our customers”, adds Luis Miguel Rodríguez, VP of Infrastructure and Technology Operations at ODILO.

“AWS is powering ODILO to help organizations make smarter data-based decisions and to personalize the learning experience of their users with artificial intelligence and machine leaning”, says Tony Lteif, head of education at AWS EMEA. “AWS has proven to offer secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure that consistently meets ODILO’s growing requirements. Combining ODILO’s educational technology expertise with AWS’s broad functionality is helping 170 million users in 52 countries experience the next generation of digital education.”   

AWS services enable ODILO to track the application performance and security of Unlimited Learning Ecosystems, develop and customize learning experiences, and adapt to users, giving them the opportunity to access content from any device and in any format, making the best educational content available at the click of a button. 

In addition to cutting-edge technology and cloud infrastructure, ODILO’s Unlimited Learning Coaches provide professional services, guide organizations in the creation of learning plans and experiences, and develop comprehensive strategies that include setting goals, measuring and optimizing the use of ecosystems, and making recommendations to improve user experience and learning outcomes. 

Combining technology and expert service allows the evolution of digital education, bringing users closer to a personalized learning experience that celebrates each individual’s needs and interests. 


ODILO is a B2B2C company that has created a new category in the education market: Unlimited Learning Ecosystems. In this way, the company allows any organization to create their own fully personalized learning ecosystems, and offer their users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of educational content and create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions. In addition, using Artificial Intelligence, ODILO allows you to create routes and unique learning experiences for both organizations and users, as well as its only Business Intelligence system that is capable of measuring all possible forms of learning, and which also offers the consulting service of sector experts. More than 8,500 organizations from 52 countries – among which are Governments of Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa; academic references such as Peking University and first-level companies such as Vodafone, Nestlé or Santander Bank – have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems from the more than 4 million content available on the platform. In total, ODILO is part of the learning experiences of more than 170 million users worldwide.

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