After Talent Day: The Transformative Power of Learning

On May 30, 2023, we held an extremely interesting day of learning, talks, and networking at our offices, in collaboration with PwC and Iberdrola, to discuss the strategically privileged place that learning holds in today’s organizations. From reflecting on the importance of different forms of learning to personalized learning paths, and of course, the ability to measure and identify motivations and interests in our collaborators.

ODILO hosted an enriching day where distinguished guests shared their experience and knowledge about the strategic role of learning in current organizations. Amaia Otaola from PwC offered a masterclass on designing a holistic L&D strategy aligned with business objectives, while Patricia Uchoa from Iberdrola provided insightful perspectives on the challenges and difficulties in this area.

At ODILO, we reaffirm our belief in the concept of the Tailored Learning Ecosystem. We focus each platform on three fundamental pillars: Technology, Content, and People, covering the entire employee lifecycle from interview to role-specific training, generating limitless impact.

We thank Amaia Otaola and Patricia Uchoa for sharing their valuable insights, and all participants for enriching this space of learning and exchange.

Let’s continue exploring new ways to innovate and learn together!