ODILO creates a program for training university staff

  • This initiative focuses on extending teacher training in various subjects, including digital skills.
  • The program is designed to promote the continuing education of teachers and staff of colleges and universities, with the aim of helping them adapt to the new forms of teaching required by the current educational environment.

Madrid, June 13, 2023 – According to the ‘Future of Jobs 2023 Report‘ recently published by the World Economic Fund, six out of ten employees will need training by 2027. However, today, only half seem to have access to the necessary training materials. In this regard, teachers are among the professionals most affected by this challenge. There is a pressing need for the education system to renew itself and provide young people with the necessary tools to prepare them for future job demands.

For this reason, ODILO, the Spanish EdTech that allows any organization to create its own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, has created the ‘Teacher and Staff Training Program’, designed to boost the continuous training of professors and staff at universities with the aim of helping them adapt to the new teaching methods the educational environment demands.

By participating in this program, teachers can stay up-to-date on the latest methodologies and educational approaches, thus ensuring a meaningful and enriching learning experience for students. However, the scope of this initiative goes beyond faculty, as it also aims to meet the training needs of staff in administrative, marketing and other roles at university centers. By offering development opportunities, the program gives them the chance to deepen their skills and competencies, enabling them to grow professionally and personally.

The ecosystem also includes different resources, such as tools and training experiences, created to continue developing their training through different learning methodologies. Some of the skills that will be enhanced through its content are academic innovation, active and participatory methodologies and digital competencies. The program also offers case studies, onboarding plans for new hires, project-based learning courses, career programs, and courses with certifications from each institution or ODILO, among others.

In addition, through the subsidy provided by the State Foundation for Employment Training (Fundae), an organization that manages and promotes continuous training in the workplace, the centers participating in this program can benefit from an exemption or reduction in the cost of hiring. In this way, they can bet on the growth and development of human talent without generating an impact on their budget.

“The education system is constantly changing. Today’s teachers require new ways of teaching, innovative methodologies and disruptive work tools with which to make their work more agile and adapted to each student. Through this new program, teachers can meet this need for lifelong learning and respond to this great challenge,” notes Victor Mattern, Director of ODILO’s Higher Education Product Ecosystem.


ODILO is a B2B2C company, which has created a new category in the education market: Unlimited Learning Ecosystems. In this way, the firm allows any organization to create its own fully customized learning ecosystems, and offer its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of educational content and create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions. In addition, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, ODILO enables the creation of unique learning paths and experiences for both organizations and users, as well as its unique Business Intelligence system that is capable of measuring all possible forms of learning, and also offers the advisory service of industry experts.

More than 8,500 organizations in 52 countries – including governments in Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa; academic leaders such as Peking University and top companies such as Vodafone, Nestlé and Banco Santander – have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems from the more than 4 million resources available on the platform. In total, ODILO is part of the learning experiences of more than 170 million users worldwide.

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