ODILO edtech recognized as a potential IBEX-35 member

  • The company has been selected in 15th position in the prestigious list ‘The Next 35’, which assesses the potential of Spanish scaleups to become large companies.
  • The ranking has highlighted the company’s efforts to advance its commitment to sustainability, the welfare of its workforce, innovation, and increased turnover.
  • Cepsa, Iberia, Inditex, and Google Cloud are some firms on the evaluation committee that have assessed the financing, impact, and innovation of more than 4,500 scaleups.

Madrid, June 18th 2024 – ODILO, a Spanish edtech that enables all types of organizations and institutions to create their own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, has been included in ‘The Next 35’. A prestigious list that identifies the most promising scaleups in Spain with the potential to join the IBEX-35.

Specifically, the Cartagena firm is ranked 15th out of more than 4,500 companies analyzed for the final ranking. This privileged position highlights its current importance in the Spanish business fabric and its promising potential as one of the companies with the most significant weight in the future of the national economy.

In this regard, the ranking highlights the edtech’s efforts to advance its commitment to the 3 sustainable dimensions (social, environmental, and economic). At the same time, it strengthens its actions in favor of the health and well-being of its employees, accelerating the innovation of its business and increasing its revenues.

PATIO Innovation & Startups Campus, a collaborative ecosystem for promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability among Spanish companies, is behind the preparation of this ranking. It highlights the innovation, growth, sustainability, and expansion of these firms in recent times and their ability to create a significant positive impact on society.

The Evaluation Committee that has prepared the ranking of ‘The Next 35’ comprises large multinationals such as Cepsa, Iberia, Inditex, Google Cloud, L’Oréal, Mahou San Miguel, Merlin Properties, and Social Nest. Their representatives have analyzed the financing, viability, impact, and innovation of the potential members of the IBEX-35.

“Our value proposition is unique because it makes continuous learning a pillar in the growth of all people at every stage of life. We have a great team and the best technology to offer a solution tailored to the motivations and needs of each user. We are proud to receive this recognition because it highlights the contribution of ODILO’s mission to society and achieving a more sustainable world,” says Rodrigo Rodriguez, CEO, and founder of ODILO.

“The Next 35” is the first report that puts in the balance, prioritizes the impact of the various companies, and shows a ranking based on this fundamental variable when assessing the relevance of a scaleup. Therefore, despite starting from four comparable blocks such as financing, innovation, impact, and viability to carry out this study, it is the first time that the impact is prioritized. The impact is differential when conditioning and positioning the companies in this ranking.


ODILO is a digital education company that enables any organization to create its own Learning Ecosystem, offering its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of multi-format educational content, and the ability to create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions. More than 9,100 organizations from over 54 countries have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems that provide access to learning to an aggregate base of +170 million users.

ODILO, the world’s largest educational ecosystem, has content agreements with more than 7,300 providers of digital educational content in all formats (courses, interactive applications, videos, podcasts, press, magazines, audiobooks, books, etc.).

ODILO is a multi-vertical company, which promotes learning in Private Companies, Public and Private Schools, Public and Private Universities, Certified Vocational Training, Public Administration and Government.

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