“The Next 35,” the recognition of ODILO as a potential member of the IBEX-35


In the latest “The Next 35” report, driven by PATIO Innovation & Startup Campus, ODILO has been highlighted as one of the 35 most dynamic and promising scaleups in the country. This recognition not only emphasizes our company’s capacity for innovation and growth, but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and positive societal impact.

A ranking that celebrates technological progress in Spain

“The Next 35” has positioned itself as a benchmark in the evaluation of scaleups in Spain, highlighting companies that drive technological progress and sustainability. With an initial selection of over 4,500 companies, the report focuses on those that have demonstrated significant growth and have integrated sustainable practices into their business model. 

This approach ensures a future where technological progress and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, benefiting both the economy and society as a whole.

Methodology and evaluation

The meticulous data collection and classification process was carried out by PATIO Innovation & Startup Campus, a hub composed of eight leading companies in their respective sectors. These companies include Cepsa, Iberia, Inditex, L’Oréal Spain and Portugal, Mahou San Miguel, Merlin Properties, Google Cloud, and Social Nest, with financial support from the Community of Madrid.

Based on the benchmark conducted by “Data Driven V” and using Dealroom as the primary source, various measurement criteria were applied, such as funding, revenue, and team size. Beyond economic values, new additional criteria focused on sustainability were added this year, prioritizing impact, innovation capacity, and the viability of the company, as well as its growth and development potential within the Spanish business landscape.

The selected companies met criteria such as being founded between 2009 and 2022, headquartered in Spain, having between 10 and 10,000 employees, with employee growth of at least 20%, and total revenue of more than 1 million euros, among others.

ODILO, among the top 15

Among the top highlighted startups, ODILO ranks 15th, validating our trajectory and positive societal impact, as well as positioning us as a candidate for inclusion in the IBEX-35. 

As a scaleup, we are focused on strengthening our innovative capabilities, expanding our international presence, and consolidating our solutions in the global market. This recognition drives us to continue advancing toward our strategic goals while generating a sustainable and positive impact in the learning world.

A recognition of our trajectory

Being part of “The Next 35” is not only an achievement but also reflects our commitment to business excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. This recognition fills us with pride and motivates us to continue transforming and enhancing equal, sustainable learning, and promoting a culture of well-being in society. We are ready to continue leading the way toward a more prosperous future for all and to keep evolving as one of the main companies in the Spanish business landscape.