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Discover the Unlimited Learning Ecosystem for RVM College of Cotabato.

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Centralized learning for a growing community

Notre Dame – RVM College of Cotabato, in the Philippines, was founded in 1904 and has over 600 students.
The school has an endless desire to improve and offer its community better quality education. To achieve this, they wanted a flexible learning solution to enrich the overall teaching and learning experience as well as provide easy content access to all teachers and students.

#UnlimitedLearning Ecosystems: a powerful unified solution

RVM College of Cotabato has joined the #UnlimitedLearning revolution to provide unlimited education possibilities to teachers and students through personalized learning ecosystem.

Discover the RVM Unlimited Learning Ecosystem

  • Full end to end personalization
  • Curated to academic and learning goals
  • On demand access to millions of titles
  • Supporting online classes and other ways of learning
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Online and offline access

Discover how RVM developed its #UnlimitedLearning ecosystem with ODILO

Personalized learning to provide high quality education

ODILO has created a fully integrated ecosystem for RVM College of Cotabato that is perfectly adapted to its needs and reduced friction in the learning process:
  • Access to all learning and resources – in one native app
  • Netflix-like personalized learning experiences
  • Facilitating the uploading of the institution's own and teacher-generated content.
  • Replacing the Google Classroom App
  • Collaborative learning experiences to bring the RVM community closer together.

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