#EdtechStandsWithUkraine is a movement created by Odilo together with Ukrainian partners to support children, families and teachers affected during the Ukrainian crisis

The Edtech industry more than ever aims to show that in times of children's education needs, technology can have a world's positive impact

Today, the number of children and families that have been forced to fled Ukraine is increasing day to day.

They have to start classes in a new school from a new country to them. This adds difficult challenges to their very complicated situation.

Access the platform
ODILO Stands with Ukraine

Adapting to new languages and cultures

A platform to help learn the language of their new country of residence and to receive support for their cultural assimilation

  • Thousands of language learning materials in all formats
  • Covering all European languages

Maintaining Ukrainian learning programmes and staying close to cultural roots

Integrated one-click-access to thousands of educational resources from multiple providers and formats in Ukrainian language

  • Complimenting their home learning programmes which they had to abandon
  • We keep students and families engaged with their Ukrainian roots and school communities
ODILO Library

Odilo’s hub for Ukrainian providers

Odilo once again stays true to its mission of democratizing access to high-quality education.
By launching a marketplace to complement the digital offer to support children’s education. This way, Odilo connects Ukrainian volunteers, publishers, teachers and all local partners facing logistical barriers with children and families. Odilo acquired from local editorials printing rights to be able to print on demand.
Thanks to this initiative, children already receive books in physical format.
ODILO Hub Ukraine

One click away to just enjoy, share and connect with new friends and families

Simple access to entertainment and educational content:

  • Thousands of magazines, videos, movies, documental, magazines, comics, bestsellers novels, leisure literacy in Ukrainian and other languages.
  • Virtual Book Clubs, Interactive Communities led by moderators,...

Let’s make a difference!

Help us engage with institutions, educational providers, volunteers and teachers, so we can continually keep improving this unlimited learning ecosystem every day.

Help us to connect with all refugee families in Europe by sharing this initiative with related organizations, associations and volunteers.

If any of the options above are not a possibility for you, please share it with your friends and family through your RRSS so we can create a multiplier effect.


"This is great news! We are glad that our fiction books will be available to Ukrainian children. This is especially important in the situation when our paper books are in Kharkiv and we do not have access to the warehouse."

Nargis Gafurova, Crocus Publishing

"The tool for cooperation that you have proposed will be a bridge for young Ukrainians who are forced to temporarily leave their homeland due to these terrible circumstances, which will allow them to continue reading Ukrainian books and study textbooks and manuals in their native language. As the President of the Ukrainian Publishers & Booksellers Association, I will do my best to ensure that a partnership is established between your platform and Ukrainian publishers of educational and diverse literature."

Oleksandr Afonin, President of the Ukrainian Publishers & Booksellers Association

"It's a necessary initiative at this time. I am happy to help by connecting Ukrainian volunteers Ukrainian families and suppliers with ODILO so that children and families can continue their education".

Liliya Hlushko, Ukrainian native who has been living in Spain for 16 year

"We hope that everyone, from aid workers to host families, will tell the refugees about this app. It will hopefully provide support, and pleasure or comfort in reading, learning and listening during this period of hardship and uncertainty".

Astrid Kraal, network manager of the National Library of the Netherlands