Sustainability Day 2023

Inspiring action for a humanitarian and sustainable future


  • Sustainability Directors
  • HR Directors
  • Innovation Directors
Sustainable Day 2023 was a transformative event where over 500 attendees came together with the aim of driving actions towards a more environmentally respectful and socially responsible world.
It was a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to exchange inspiring initiatives on how to achieve impact and awareness regarding companies' commitment to sustainability, regardless of the stakeholder groups involved.
Discover how individual and organizational actions can shape our future! Get inspired by those already leading the change and join the movement towards a more responsible tomorrow.
The impact continues. Join the conversation and find your path to contributing to a better world.
Be part of the change the world needs!
Reliving inspiring moments at the Roundtable.


Decarbonization and new sustainable models in the supply chain.

We reflected on the challenges of leadership in sustainability and its impact across the entire value chain in the presentation by Iván Menéndez, VP Global Corporate Sales at ODILO.

Thank you for being part of this unforgettable day! Together, we are taking significant steps towards a more sustainable world.

Exploring the path towards a more sustainable future

At ODILO, we are firmly committed to sustainability, working decisively to generate a positive impact, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote responsible energy consumption in all of our ecosystems, as well as promoting diversity and equality of opportunity within our organization.
We prioritize human rights, the preservation of the environment, and the fight against climate change, and we are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals to inspire a culture of sustainability across our community, including clients, partners, and providers.
ODS Certifications at ODILO:

The challenge faced by CSOs

One of the most fundamental challenges faced by CSOs (Chief Sustainability Officers) is that they must interact with different interest groups like clients, partners, providers, employees, and investors, each one with specific information, awareness, and certification needs.
Generally, companies have ecosystems that are well equipped for all the aforementioned needs for every interest group.
Interest Groups
Covers Any
Based on ODILO’s experiences, the lack of human capacity, content, and adequate platforms is a common challenge for the majority of companies that want to keep their supply chain and partners up-to-date and certified in sustainability.
In particular, many companies face difficulty in the “Scope 3” category when reporting on their sustainability development.

Personalized Sustainability Technology by ODILO

ODILO helps companies develop personalized sustainability ecosystems to impact all their different interest groups. We offer a Sustainability Platform that adapts to the needs of any organization, meeting all a client’s needs, offering relevant content, and providing the necessary support to reach desired metrics through campaigns and awareness.

A clear and firm commitment:

“An egalitarian and sustainable planet is possible if we all work together. It’s vital that we be a part of the UN Global Compact. ODILO has joined thousands of companies across the world in their commitment to take responsible corporate action to create the world we want.”

Miguel Rodríguez

Business Manager, ODILO