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The Learning Ecosystem is often Fragmented and Limited

Scaleups tend to face limitations in the following that impair all learning experiences:
User Experience

Learning technologies often are not user friendly, personalized to learners needs and create dis-engagement. This critical impairs employee engagement.


Insufficient knowledge or skills for creating, leading and managing successful L&D solutions internally. Vendors often don’t appeal to all learner preferences.

Learning Methodologies

Budget and technology constraints prevent access to multiple learning processes required to optimize all learning.


Time is money. Lack of clarity on business impact of learning programmes can lead to company failure.

Companies need #UnlimitedLearning Ecosystem

Learning & Development Without Limits

Unlock the power of your talent with an #UnlimitedLearning Ecosystem

Fully personalised, end-to-end Unlimited Learning Ecosystems to empower each individual's growth and development path. Single point of access and cost-efficient learning solution

Unlimited Learning

The largest educational catalog in the world with +3 Million multimedia resources. Curated and tailor-made learning experiences accessible from all devices, anytime and anywhere


Support all levels of employees with one solution to rapidly upskill and equip your teams with all the capabilities necessary to adapt and reach success


Develop company-wide, team-based or user-driven initiatives to foster a diverse, inclusive and sustainable culture. Build habits to boost curiosity, growth mindset and lifelong learning

Learning Coach

Our Unlimited Learning experts will support you through the journey to deliver and sustain a personalized ecosystem aligned with your company's success

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Why do companies need #UnlimitedLearning?

Economic Savings

We can replace some of your providers, eliminating the need for investing in multiple providers; we can also outsource services to our experienced team.

Learner Engagement

With unified access in only one app, your learners will enjoy the best, frictionless experience they have always dreamed of.

Learning Insights

Centralized learning intelligence powered by Data & Analytics to develop actionable strategic insights and optimize the decision making process.

The Impact of #UnlimitedLearning is Transformative


Increase learning habits

Up to 100%

active learning

Trusted by over 7,940 Innovators from all over the world

“Coffee for everybody isn’t enough anymore - we’ve left optional and obligatory HR training courses far behind. Organizations need to empower their people to reach their maximum potential through unlimited, personalized learning experiences adapted to the company’s needs and to employee interests and format preferences.”
“We were looking for a platform full of content, accessible from every device and prepared to dynamize its use and help us measure the results. ODILO is the solution. We have built a new learning and upskilling global program for all departments in our company that ensures the continuous learning and individual growth of all our teams, helping them to meet their goals and find the best version of themselves”.
“We trust, communicate, and develop. We learn from each other and firmly believe in learning as a way to become more agile every day and to keep innovating and promoting change in our cities.”

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