Ensuring centralized learning in a single solution

for over 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East

Surpassing 94% engagement among more than 14,000 employees

MTN’s challenge

One of the world's and the biggest in Africa was seeking a training solution that would enable its employees to adapt to the cultural needs and habits of more than 20 countries in which they operate. As part of the strategy, MTN aimed to promote the personal and professional growth of its employees and to reinforce its position as a market leader in the global and African ICT industry.

The solution for MTN: Developing talent, leadership, and the culture of the future across 20 countries

  • A catalog with more than 24,000 multi-format resources tailored to the needs of MTN employees and executives
  • A customized solution that ensures centralized learning aligned with the "Ambition 2025" strategy
  • Continuous improvement of learning habits through ODILO BI, our integrated system that analyzes the performance and progress of over 14,000 employees in 20 countries.
  • Through a Senior Project Manager (SPM), they achieve smooth communication across various areas, from HR to employees and growth services.

The Impact of 'MTN ULearn', Telecom Leader

Thanks to the tailored Learning Ecosystem 'MTN ULearn', the company was able to provide its entire workforce with a solution that addressed the unique needs of each of its employees. The company pioneered a 94% increase in employee engagement, positioning the initiative as a resounding success.













“The launch of the new MTN ULearn ecosystem has accelerated the realization of Vision Superlearning 2025, a direct response to rapidly upskill and reskill key talent required to deliver the Ambition 2025 strategy: To Lead Digital Solutions for Africa's Progress.

Learner satisfaction together with clear business strategic alignment drove the identification of an in novative and engaging learning experience and solution. By working collaboratively with the ODILO team, a learner engagement level of 94% and experience satisfaction rating of 80% l was achieved within 6 months post the launch of the new MTN ULearn Ecosystem.

While still in an early adopter stage, MTN ULearn offers employees across 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East a digital learning experience and opportunity to grow their careers, with purpose. MTN ULearn now offers an array of unlimited personalized and generic learning content and learning journeys, delivered 24/7. Everywhere You Go!¨

Charl Cuyler

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