ODILO is committed to the care of the environment and sets as a Corporate Social Responsibility objective the push to integrate the development of our Mission and quality management with the protection of the environment. 

ODILO, as a company dedicated to Management and Training, establishes as Environmental Policy to implement a management system to prevent and control the sources of pollution and waste control products of its activities, contributing to sustainable development.

It is a responsibility of the General Management to reach levels of development in the care of the environment, through the establishment of specific objectives and goals related to environmental protection within the Strategic Plan.

For the implementation of the Environmental Policy, the following principles must be complied with:

  • That there is a team with assigned responsibilities for all environment-related activities. 
  • The activity of the Environmental Management Team shall be supported by training, the use of organization-wide communication schemes and coordination with the Quality Team and the Environmental Team. 
  • The Environmental Management Team will develop and implement programs and review them to enable compliance with established objectives and targets.
  • Compliance with current legislation applicable at national, regional and local levels and, in the specific case of environmental regulations, with particular emphasis on aspects relating to the atmosphere, water and waste, so as to ensure that the business activity is carried out in accordance with these requirements, thus establishing a commitment to all stakeholders.
  • The commitment to comply with other requirements that the organization subscribes to in relation to its environmental aspects.
  • Environmental management programs will involve all personnel, through the General Process System, the assignment of functions for each job position, training and performance evaluation.
  • We will seek to raise awareness of environmental protection among our students through brochures, posters and formal written communication with them.
  • Methods for the continuous improvement of environmental management and performance will be developed, through prevention and analysis of the ultimate causes of problems that arise, not only by detecting them, but also by establishing environmental performance indicators.
  • The analysis of processes, products, raw materials and the design of facilities will be carried out in order to minimize their environmental impact.
  • Environmental audits will be carried out and documented, as well as preventive and corrective actions generated by detected nonconformities or anomalies.
  • The exchange of information with customers and suppliers will be encouraged in order to establish and implement environmental management programs aligned with those of ODILO.
  • Means will be found to participate with the community in the protection and care of the environment, for the preservation of the quality of life.
  • The Environmental Policy will be shared to all the people who make up the team of the organization at all levels, as well as ensuring their understanding of the same.

Based on this Policy and on an annual basis, Management will approve the objectives and goals for the organization, in order to establish the organization’s lines of improvement for that period. These objectives will be reviewed annually.