The First Unlimited Learning Solution to Offer Collaboration Across your Workforce

Create your own Unlimited Learning by offering access to the ultimate intelligent corporate digital library to your workforce and their families. Access the best ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, book summaries & podcasts from the best content providers in the world.

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Offer your teams the superpower of learning what they want, when they want it, from any device

They will learn individually and by creating shared learning experiences with entire departments and teams through interactive ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts & more
Soft Skills
Life Skills
Technical Skills
Professional Development

Support your workforce with high-quality learning content for the entire household

Online and offline access in up to 5 devices to the best content selected from 3 million titles in all formats and in 40 languages, that will allow you to learn anything you want: technical skills, language learning or soft skills; also enjoy bestsellers or a selection of content for your children with on-demand access to multidisciplinary educational content for everyone
Content for kids
Family content
Your content
Mental health
Content for parents

Engage your employees online with “Book Club”-styled learning clubs

  • Build your own learning clubs & join others curated by experts
  • Interaction and knowledge exchange across teams
  • Built-in social learning initiatives



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