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Discover how Hospes Hotels is driving Unlimited Learning for over 600 employees in one place

Hospes Hotels’ challenge

With a presence across the entire national territory, the hotel group aimed for employees to proactively explore topics of interest, expand their knowledge in specific work areas, and enhance their skills, thereby improving not only their job performance but also enriching their personal growth

Furthermore, their commitment to the environment required a paperless solution.

Hospes Unlimited Learning, the ecosystem that attracts and retains talent in the hotel sector

  • Personalized catalog with 34,000+ multiformat resources about leadership, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and more.
  • We adapt to each employee's learning style through tailored learning experiences.
  • "Influencer Learning", a quarterly campaign where a department leader recommends relevant resources, strengthening the sense of belonging.
  • Seamless and personalized learning, accessible from any device at any time.
  • We generate value through ODILO BI, providing access to all types of usage data..
  • Monthly personalized tracking to evaluate individual and collective progress.

The impact of Hospes Unlimited Learning

Thanks to its Learning Ecosystem, Hospes offers unlimited learning across its 9 hotels at the same time, promoting both professional and personal development. This solution, 100% subsidized by Fundae, has optimized onboarding processes with specific learning paths, facilitating decentralized personnel management and enhancing talent attraction and retention in the hotel sector.












"Hospes Unlimited Learning has had a very satisfactory impact within the company, allowing us to reach everyone and be able to adapt the professional development of each of our employees to their needs"

Carolina Balaguer
HR Corporate Director at Hospes Hotels

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Learn how Hospes Hotels has implemented a unique Ecosystem capable of enhancing the skills and expanding the knowledge of its employees across all areas of the company, improving not only job performance but also personal growth.

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