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ODILO Preserver

Intelligent digital preservation solutions


Complete preservation

Preservation as a service in the cloud. All inclusive turnkey solution: consulting, software, storage and preservation services.

Robust and secure

Secure preservation of digital content. Different deployments of cloud on-premise + cloud storage.


100% OAIS (Open Archival Information System)compliant. ISO 14721 certified.

Who are our customers?

Institutions with heritage collections

Whether the institution has management and distribution mechanisms such as repositories, file management tools or libraries ... ODILO Preserver is a versatile and adaptable solution.

Digitization Projects

Manual import of digital resources, metadata and the capability to maintain object integrity. Enabling the preservation and continuity of projects.

Document management in companies

Corporate records management and preservation. The best option to combat cyber attacks and loss of business critical data.

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ODILO preservation service elements

- Management platform -

- Storage -

- Preservation service -

Management platform

Digital preservation software

  • ODILO Preserver is our technical solution: manages the entry of information packages and transforms them into files following the OAIS model.
  • The platform manages digital objects, metadata, preservation actions executed and ensures package traceability.


Maximum protection against digital catastrophes

  • ODILO Preserver is a storage solution. We offer different types of cloud storage and combined on-premise storage + cloud.
  • Superior protection of on-premise storage with additional guarantees of information security: ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and National Security Scheme.

Preservation service

A specialized team dedicated to data preservation

  • ODILO Preserver is a comprehensive service. Our preservation team of specialists provide custom consulting and planning services for a successful execution and implementation of your digital preservation project.
  • ODILO’s specialists identify risks that could affect data preservation and integrity and takes actions to ensure long-term preservation.
  • Customers have oversight of all deliverables and approves all actions prior to implementation.

Purpose-built certified environment

ODILO Preserver is much more than software. In addition to ensuring compliance with OAIS, we provide a purpose-built certified environment for all our customers.

Our model saves our customers that use our preservation services from having to obtain their own individual certifications.

Varying by installation and storage model, the following certifications are available:

ISO 9001 quality certificate

ISO 27001 information security certificate

ISO 27701 certificate of Privacy Information Management

ISO 22301 business continuity certificate

ISO 14721 compliance certificate. 100% OAIS

ISO 27017 certificate of security controls for cloud services

ISO 27018 certificate of protection of personally identifiable information in the cloud


Certified compliance of the National Security Scheme (Category: HIGH)


Accredited compliance of the ENI and the Interoperability Technical Standards (ITS)

Digital preservation for companies

  • ODILO Preserver is also a digital content management and preservation solution designed for small and medium businesses.
  • Our digital preservation service includes document management features; companies can manage their own content and send it to preservation when they deem appropriate.
  • ODILO Preserver allows you to easily combat risks such as business data loss, cyber attacks or ransomware.

Advantages of preserving with ODILO Preserver

  • ODILO is responsible for software and hardware maintenance. Freeing up internal organizational resources.
  • ODILO performs the installation, configuration and commissioning of the service.
  • Our digital preservation specialists are responsible for executing the necessary actions to ensure the long-term preservation of digital objects; all under client supervision.
  • Future updates are included and incorporated in the total cost of the service.
  • We ensure the protection of digital objects through redundant and geographically dispersed copies of the data.
  • Personalized support by the best technical support team.

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