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University of Valencia
“The ODILO platform allows us to perfectly manage in one place the content created by our University, licenced content as well as our scientific databases.”
Access high-quality content – multimedia + 2m million titles
  • Handpick the content you like from over 2m titles and over 5,000 publishers or opt for a specialised curated catalog.
  • Access the most complete high-quality content marketplace - academic, technical, language learning, career support, soft skills and more.
  • Many content formats: ebooks, audio, video, magazines, scorm...
  • Access the bestselling international magazines (over 3,000) such as The Economist, National Geographic, Times International and a lot more.
  • Available in 42 languages, including English and Spanish.

Intelligent saving

Our data-powered solutions encourage use of the best content available that meet the needs of your users.
Save significantly with access to flexible, content licence models such as Pay Per Use, and transformative digital benefits.

1 title per person

Limited License

Availability for 2 years or 25 checkouts

Pay Per Use

Rent for a few days and weeks


Simultaneous, multiuser access


12 months, multi-users

Add your own content in one place
  • Develop a single repository of your own content (e.g. research materials, videos, presentations, etc) that is easily accessible for your students, academics and alumni.
  • Choose to either make your content free or chargeable for all or select groups of people.
Personalize your digital experience
  • Stay at the forefront of innovation. We can design your own web and native mobile app solution with your own content and look and feel.
  • Access content both online and offline (desktop + native apps) to ensure your learners have the best experience.
  • Integrate with common databases such as EBSCO, ProQuest, etc to drive high-engagement in one sole platform.
Interconnect platforms across institutions to save money
  • ODILO provides the only interconnected system where all your institutional members can have both a shared content repository as well as content that is only available for each member’s community.
  • Save substantially with easy access, distribution and sharing of own and third party resources.
  • Each member can personalise their own experience (technology + content).
High-value advanced statistics on content and reading activity
  • In a single dashboard, access all vital statistics on all reading activity and social interactions in real-time.
  • Purchase new content with a single click from our marketplace.
  • Leverage smart options for managing your budgets with a variety of content purchase options
Personalised book clubs
  • Your members can access a private learning space where they can access bespoke reading plans.
  • Establish defined activities to ensure they are actively reading and learning.
  • Promote knowledge exchange, creativity and critical thinking skill development with the use of interactive social capabilities.

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