BETT 2024: Exploring Future Trends and Educational Innovation

BETT 2024: Exploring Future Trends and Educational Innovation

As every year, BETT became the epicenter where professionals from the education sector gathered to exchange ideas, explore trends, and collaborate for a more dynamic educational future.

From January 24th to 26th, the ExCel convention center in London hosted over 500 EdTech companies from around the world, including us.

Here are the highlights of our journey through BETT 2024:

The Evolution of Technology in Learning

At this edition of BETT, ODILO delved into the latest educational trends, focusing especially on the evolution of technology in learning. We observed the growth of artificial intelligence and its fundamental role in developing personalized learning experiences for each student. Additionally, virtual reality regained relevance in the educational field, recognizing its importance in offering high-quality, immersive, and contextualized content that enhances the learning process and teacher training.

«At ODILO, we aim to offer a completely personalized user experience created through Artificial Intelligence.»

Ainhoa Marcos, Education Country Manager Spain, ODILO

At ODILO we seek to offer a fully personalized user experience created through Artificial Intelligence.” 

Ainhoa Marcos, Education Country Manager Spain, ODILO

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7158021877699915777

This year, in collaboration with SMART Technologies, Microsoft, HP, and Intel Corporation, we participated in a session where experts and Ainhoa Marcos addressed crucial topics in the presentation «The Digitization of Education: spaces, projects, and DUA.»

Furthermore, we had the privilege of attending a session moderated by José Luis Castaño, Educational Consultant at IBERIA LATAM and SMART TECHNOLOGIES, where prominent professionals such as Carlos Medina, Head of International Projects Service at INTEF, Águeda Grass, Head of the Science Department at European Schoolnet, and Juan Carlos Palomino, Head of Innovation Service at the Ministry of Education of Castilla-La Mancha, shared their perspectives on teacher training and the development of STEAM skills. Ana Isabel Melgosa, Head of Digitalization at the Junta de Castilla y León, also shared valuable experiences about the digitalization of the educational system, supported by a training plan and resources such as «LeoCyL.»

Looking to the Future

At ODILO, we are certain that the educational future is full of opportunities. We bid farewell to BETT 2024 with the commitment to continue exploring education to make it more innovative, inclusive, and effective.

Join ODILO, and let’s transform education together!