10 reasons why you need a corporate digital library in your company

corporate library for your company


Corporations of all sizes are actively deploying corporate digital libraries to help deliver their core values and achieve training objectives.

Now is the best time to launch your own library if you don’t have one. Here are a few reasons why:

1- Digital transformation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway. The process of digital transformation is essential so that companies do not become obsolete and stay ahead of the curve. An intelligent digital library is a key step in this transformation.

2- Training. As markets are changing rapidly it is important to be able to keep your employees up to speed. Intelligent digital libraries are the perfect solution for continuous training with regular content updates.

3- Corporate image. Trailblazers such as SKODA and Vodafone have their own libraries and all have and celebrate their own branding and company values. Intelligent digital libraries are for innovators and make them look good.

4- Personalization. Further to the previous point, the customization of ODILO’s intelligent digital solution does not only include logos and corporate colors. Similar to Netflix, our algorithm recommends the best and most relevant content to each user. So every experience is different. This drives reading activity and strong reading habits.

5- Creativity. Reading develops imagination and creativity. With our digital library for companies, your employees will be more creative in their work, increasing their performance. The virtual book club also allows easy interaction between employees, deepening relationships inside the company.

6- Savings. The economic savings that a digital library can offer, compared to a traditional physical library are paramount. Online titles can be constantly updated without the need to buy cumbersome print copies that otherwise occupy office space (and could gather dust).

7- Content. ODILO’s intelligent digital solution allows access to more than 2 million titles. This allows your corporate library to be always up to date with the highest quality content from the best publishers, whether it is trade, academic, newspapers, magazines, courses and more.

8- Simplicity. The management of a digital library is easier than that of traditional libraries. ODILO’s corporate library does not require manual records or personnel to control the management of each individual title. Save time while your employees are being trained.

9- Access. A corporate digital library allows access to information 24/7. All members of the company can access the content regardless of their location or time of year. This allows, among other advantages, non-stop reading while employees commute back and forth to work, on vacation, or during business trips.

10- Multi-device. Hand in hand with digital transformation and access is multi-device use.

ODILO’s apps on Windows, Android, and iOS enable ubiquitous access from any device. This is particularly important to accommodate more with the transient and busy lifestyles we have today.

Undoubtedly, having an intelligent digital library in your company significantly increases the value of your workers. At the end of the day, they are your biggest asset.

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