Vocational orientation and the importance of choosing your future

Vocational orientation and the importance of choosing your future



Are you at that crucial point in your life when you have to decide what to study after high school? Choosing a career or professional degree is not an easy task. We know that you want to make the right decision, one that will lead you down the path you really want to follow. 

At ODILO we understand the importance of a solid Vocational Guidance, especially in Higher Education and Vocational Training. Therefore, in our solutions, we take into account the students’ interests when recommending our content, as well as the integration with third party platforms that drive this decision-making towards the right choice.

Why is Vocational Guidance important in Higher Education?

The Higher Education stage represents a fundamental moment in the life of any individual. It is the moment when decisions are made that will have a significant impact on the professional and personal future. The choice of a career not only determines the course of working life, but also influences personal fulfillment and overall satisfaction.

Having the right Career Counseling provides clarity and direction at a time when the choices can seem overwhelming. It helps students identify their interests, skills and values, allowing them to align their educational and career goals with their true passion.

Making a decision in haste or based on external expectations can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction later in life. Career Counseling helps avoid this scenario by allowing students to explore their options thoughtfully and make informed decisions that are in line with their aspirations and aptitudes. It is important to treat Vocational Guidance and the final decision immediately. This is a key process, so it is time for students to have conversations with themselves to address their path.

Another key problem is that lack of proper vocational guidance is one of the main reasons behind dropout in Higher Education. When students choose professional degrees or careers that do not align with their interests or abilities, they are more likely to become demotivated and drop out of school. Career Counseling helps reduce this risk by guiding students toward educational options that are meaningful and relevant to them.

Students who decide careers that align with their interests tend to be more engaged and motivated in their studies. This translates into better academic performance, as they are more willing to devote time and effort to subjects they find relevant and stimulating. Improved academic performance translates directly into more qualified professionals, which ultimately means a better supply of products and services thanks to students who made the right choice in the first place.

In an ever-changing world, adaptability is an invaluable skill. Career Counseling not only helps students identify an initial career path, but also provides them with the tools and mindset to adapt to changes in the job market and pursue emerging opportunities throughout their professional lives. When one understands vocation as a fundamental basis, they are able to face numerous challenges through professions, projects, and sectors in which to develop their professional competencies and skills.

Steps to Effective Vocational Guidance

The career counseling process begins by looking inward, through a process of self-assessment. What are your interests, skills and values? What activities are you passionate about? Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is the first step in finding a career or degree that aligns with your personal characteristics. At ODILO, we are aware of this, so to facilitate student self-assessment we offer institutions our learning experiences. Through these, we allow the presentation of career possibilities, creation of skills and competencies tests and invite students to reflect on their most outstanding skills and aptitudes. In these same experiences, we can include titles from our extensive multi-format catalog whose consumption nurtures this self-evaluative process of the students.

Once the student’s different skills and vocation have been identified, they should investigate the different professional fields and the opportunities that each of these offers. At this stage they should evaluate between Vocational Training or University, which jobs are attractive to the student, which industries are growing.

It is important not to be limited at this stage by third-party opinions that may influence our decision, so do not focus solely on the conventional, but also consider new and emerging areas of interest. ODILO’s catalog of multi-format educational titles offers content about the industries that make up the market, allowing students to learn the context and rationale for each of their choices. Additionally, with the learning experiences, we offer institutions the ability to show students analysis of the labor context of the different Professional Families that make up the Vocational Training market.

When the student has finally decided on his or her sector or profession, it is significant that he or she specifically delves into information about it. To do this, they can seek guidance from professionals in the field they are interested in. These professionals are easily found on social networks such as LinkedIn, through them, you can find out what the day-to-day life of these professionals is like and if it is really in line with your expectations.

On the other hand, the student can consider taking aptitude tests or psychometric assessments to help identify their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas. These tests can provide an objective view of your abilities and help you make informed decisions about your academic and professional future. Once again, ODILO’s learning experience technology enables students to take these tests. We offer multidisciplinary exercises that together with a modular structure and titles that enrich the experience allows students to evaluate and develop their skills and aptitudes around their preferred professional sector.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that “taking action” is always the best way to learn about a career from the inside. Therefore, from ODILO we invite students to participate in internships, volunteering or programs such as “4th ESO + Company” which is developed in some Autonomous Communities such as Madrid. These types of experiences provide students with a realistic perspective of what it means to work in the area of their choice and will help them make the most informed decision possible. 

The Power of Vocational Guidance with ODILO

In the complex path of Higher Education, Vocational Guidance emerges as a beacon that illuminates the path to success and personal fulfillment. The importance of this process cannot be underestimated, as its impact extends beyond the mere choice of a career; it shapes the course of individuals’ lives, determines their contribution to society and ultimately influences their happiness and well-being.

At ODILO, we are proud to be part of this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We firmly believe that each individual possesses a unique set of talents and passions, and our mission is to help unlock that potential by facilitating frictionless learning that enables students to be the best version of themselves. Through innovative educational resources, expert advice and a dedicated career development platform, we strive to empower students to make informed decisions and pursue their dreams with confidence.

We encourage all students to embrace this Vocational Guidance process with open minds and courageous hearts. To explore, experiment and reflect. To not be afraid to challenge themselves and to pursue what they are truly passionate about. The road to success can be winding, but with determination and support, you can overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.

Your students’ careers are not just about making a living, but about finding a sense of purpose and contributing to the world meaningfully. We urge students to trust themselves, trust the process and remember that at ODILO, we are here to help your institution and its students on this journey. 

Together, we can build a bright future full of limitless possibilities!