ODILO at the 1st Artificial Intelligence Congress of Andalusia: empowering training in Public Administrations through the power of AI


On November 22nd, ODILO participated in the I Artificial Intelligence Congress of Andalusia, an event in which we delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence to explore its impact on current training trends.

During the presentation “Empowering training in Public Administrations through the power of AI”, led by Ainhoa Marcos, Country Manager Spain and Global Sales Director K12 at ODILO, we addressed in depth how Artificial Intelligence and technology are revolutionizing learning and training processes, particularly in Public Administrations.

This event not only provided us with a clear vision on AI today, but also became an enriching space where we connected with leading experts and professionals in this field and shared ideas that were really valuable. 

ODILO has marked Andalusia as one of the strategic focuses in its growth plan, as Daniel Cintado explains.

These words define the essence of the discussions held with the attendees. AI is not just a technological tool, it transforms and shapes the way we access learning and prepare for the challenges of the future.

Our Commitment

At ODILO, we are committed to advance in this journey of exploration in the world of Artificial Intelligence, driving innovation and providing solutions that make the most of the potential of AI in the educational field. 

Don’t miss the pictures of our visit to the I Artificial Intelligence Congress of Andalusia.

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