ODILO celebrates the annual #Summit online positioning itself as one of the fastest-growing educational platforms in the world

This year, due to the current circumstances, the ODILO team has not been able to meet personally as it did last year in Cartagena (Murcia). As a leading company in technological solutions, this 2020 they conducted the annual Summit via webinar. More than three hours of virtual meetings were held with the presence of more than 100 employees connected from different parts of the world: The United Kingdom, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, South Africa, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, among other countries.  

The goal of the ODILO Summit was to bring together employees virtually and to summarize the most important milestones of 2019 – 2020, to present the evolution of the company, the next challenges, the teams and the new hires. Of course the company’s CEO, Rodrigo Rodriguez, began the presentation with the most relevant achievements of the past year highlighting the partnerships with major government ministries in 9 countries. He also highlighted how ODILO has become a holistic solution for the educational needs of customers by integrating digital library solutions, literacy improvement and collaborative learning. 

“Thanks to the massive implementation of Digital Reader Plans as key tools for teachers, ODILO has positioned itself as the great reference for the development of good learning habits and the improvement of reading and writing comprehension in educational institutions worldwide,” said Rodrigo Rodriguez.

This last year, the company increased its global reach with relevant customers in more than 27 countries worldwide, reaching a total of 65 countries. This accelerated international expansion has led to an exponential increase in the average use of the ODILO platform over the last year, managing millions of hours of learning and becoming one of the fastest-growing educational platforms in the world.

During the event, the growth of ODILO in the Asian market and the company’s investment in the African market were especially highlighted, where it has begun to deal with major educational opportunities on the continent. 

The most advanced integrated B2B marketplace in the world

In terms of numbers, today ODILO has the most advanced B2B marketplace in the world, offering integrated access within its scope to more than 3 million titles from 5,300 content providers in 43 languages, including the best providers of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, courses, press, videos and podcasts. 

In just one year, ODILO has added more than 487,000 titles to its marketplace, which represents a 27% increase over the previous year, highlighting the quantity and especially the quality,Disney and Sage being the last two major companies to join Odilo’s service. 

Advances in technology and product

During the event, some of the technological innovations were presented and the work that the technology and development team do every day to improve the user experience was highlighted. Among them, advances in the accessibility module, the new voice assistant, the new consumer formats, the new learning experiences module or the new version of the mobile applications that have reached the highest rating in the app stores among all the companies in their sector.

Upcoming challenges

The day ended with a look forwards to the future. Rodriguez presented some of the most important challenges they face this new year and those already being worked on, especially related to the area of technology, in the words of Rodrigo: 

“We want technology to be the key so that people can learn better”. 

Special mention was also made of the company’s mission: to promote educational equality by making high quality digital content accessible and affordable to all.

“We will continue to support the company’s mission and will continue to help any public or private organization to have equal quality access to culture and education through a comprehensive service that includes content management technology and e-learning solutions, unlimited access to millions of contents and will be supported by a team of learning coaches who will provide for the first time an ecosystem that offers all necessary learning tools for any person,” concluded Rodrigo Rodriguez.