ODILO has hosted more than 100 training webinars on Digital Reading Plans for thousands of teachers all over the world

  • ODILO helps students, teachers and families to continue their learning process during lockdown due to the crisis generated by COVID-19
  • Since March, ODILO has conducted more than 100 webinars on `Digital Reading Plans’ in countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico

As an educational technologies platform, ODILO has been aware from the beginning of the effects that the cancellation of schools and educational centers due to the Coronavirus pandemic have had. ODILO’s response in solidarity with schools is to offer its learning and training technology platforms to institutions around the world to enable online training from home at no cost. This plan is designed to guarantee the ongoing education of students, teachers, and families, highlighting ODILO’s overall mission: to democratize access to free and inclusive education. 

As part of its corporate social responsibility program to help during the COVID-19 crisis, the company has enabled its intelligent solution for thousands of public centers, including agreements with Ministries of Education in 8 countries as well as regional governments and private centers in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, from which millions of students and teachers around the world have already benefited. 

Webinars to train teachers

Since March, ODILO has conducted more webinars on `Digital Reading Plans’ in countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. ODILO’s team of experts has offered a total of 100 webinars to train thousands of teachers in which they explain how teachers can create their own reading plans, how to invite students to participate, and how to access reading and comprehension statistics in real-time. 

Additionally, ODILO has made educational consultancy teams, dynamization services, and collaborative Reading Plans available to teachers to ensure their access to the tools they need to continue training from home and to allow for a personalized evaluation of students. The virtual reading plans are designed to follow reading and writing progress with activities such as exercises, open and closed questions to evaluate in real-time, forums, reading comprehension activities, chats, real-time statistics for parents and teachers to evaluate the progress of students, and many more features. 

In addition to teachers, families will also be able to enjoy the platform and support students in the creation of Digital Reading Plans to promote reading comprehension. The platform has been configured with a reading plan for each age group, covering students from 4 to 17 years old. 

ODILO has the largest platform in the world offering unified access to thousands of titles (ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, videos, podcasts, courses, educational materials, and more) from the best providers in the world, all of which can be consumed from any device both online and offline.