ODILO launches its Language Learning program in Panama to encourage institutions to teach in English

  • The Cartagena-based ODILO has made waves in Panama with unlimited learning, and has contributed to the Ministry of Education’s goal of becoming a reference figure in educational technology.
  • With the goal of promoting effective learning of English as a second language, ODILO is now launching its ‘Language Learning’ program in Panama to expand training and employability opportunities for students.
  • It is aimed at students of all ages and allows teachers to organize the development of language proficiency, while families monitor their children’s development and also enjoy the benefits of the program. 
  • The knowledge presented is aligned with the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and can be certified. 

Murcia, April 13, 2023 – With the aim of promoting the effective learning of English as a second language and thus expanding training opportunities and student employability according to the skills demanded by the productive sector, the Cartagena-based ODILO is launching its ‘Language Learning’ program in Panama. 

The impact that ODILO has achieved in the Panamanian market thanks to the implementation of innovation and learning projects for students and teachers has placed the country in a privileged position in the world of educational technology. Among the most outstanding of these projects is “Bilingual Panama”, which has managed to encourage students to establish English as a second language and improve their language learning habits.

“This program opens the door for future experiences and jobs for our students, and I think it is an advantage for us as a country,” says Rossana Scigliani, Senior Office Advisor.

The impact achieved after the first months of using the program reflects the availability of more than 17,000 resources in a wide variety of formats such as ebooks, audiobooks, courses, videos or podcasts, of which each student consumed an average of 9 titles. Participation has been over 56%, while more than 53% is voluntary learning reflecting a consumption of 30 hours of learning per week and for which more than 4,000 students have already been certified. 

“For us it is extremely important to break the paradigm of working only with the texts available in the educational system, but to be able to take students further, to another more real and globalized scenario, in a virtual campus with international tutors, with the support of our teachers and generating synergy that benefits learning and comprehensive linguistic competence,” adds Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, Panama’s Minister of Education.

This program combines multi-format resources inspired by everyday life situations, leading the user to an immersive and didactic learning experience. Likewise, both learning resources and methodologies are adapted to the end user thanks to intelligent profiling, taking into account that not all students learn in the same way.

It is aimed at students of all ages and allows teachers to organize language proficiency development using personalized learning experiences, while families can monitor their children’s development as they develop language skills. 

The program blooms through individual learning with unified access to multi-format titles promoting agile and versatile learning; creative and social learning is developed in collaboration with other students, applying innovative methodologies. 

The resources are organized through digital collections that are grouped according to their pedagogical purpose. All the knowledge displayed is aligned with the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and can be certified. Learning experiences are designed according to skill level and thematic needs according to CEFR levels and learning styles for a new language, in accordance with the established age ranges. At the same time, verifiable tests of performance and duration are provided; learning is based on competencies and is collaborative, with cooperation and collaboration dynamics for the educational community or specific users. This method presents flexibility and transversality by offering the possibility of using recorded, virtual, blended or face-to-face sessions to complement, reinforce and deepen contents. 

Thanks to ODILO’s gamification system, learners are motivated at all stages of their English proficiency development. This gamification system includes a user ranking and a series of medals. In addition, there is a system of challenges in which both the families and the students themselves can design different challenges to be met within specific deadlines and thus encourage and improve the development of skills through interactions with the platform.

The Business Intelligence module is made up of specialized data that show evidence of learning progress. The complete traceability of the data through access to personal statistics, access to student performance in each learning experience, and complete tracking of learning data such as habits, interests, etc., allows schools to keep track of the learning methods and needs of each student. 

Eager to promote the effective learning of English as a second language in official educational centers, the Ministry of Education of Panama has met the educational needs of its students with the Language Learning program. For the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, one of the communities that most promotes language learning, according to data from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain, this program is an excellent opportunity to encourage and consolidate the skills related to the mastery of English not only for students but also their families, having a full impact on society and improving their career opportunities. 


ODILO is a B2B2C company which has created a new category in the education market: Unlimited Learning Ecosystems. The firm allows any organization to create its own fully customized learning ecosystems, and offer its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of educational content and create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions. In addition, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, ODILO enables the creation of unique learning paths and experiences for both organizations and users.

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