OdiloConsortia™ to Power the eBook Pilot Project for the State Library of New South Wales in Australia.

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Odilo is delighted to announce that OdiloConsortia, the Odilo eBook Platform for eBook purchasing, management and lending, will power the State Library of New South Wales eBook Management Platform Pilot project.

The State Library of New South Wales, Australia is embarking on a 12 month trial of the DCL eBook model using Odilo’s OdiloConsortia™ solution. Through this project, the State Library will be partnering with two public library services and intends to explore the full gamut of content options from local authors, independent and mid-lists publishers in Australia. The pilot will explore the options of consortia shared collections alongside localized collections and the viability of extending the platform to a statewide solution. Odilo’s content and strategic publisher relations managers will be working closely with the pilot libraries to assist them secure contracts with publishers.

“This project is a very important step for libraries in Australia as it seeks to diversify the eContent collections available through public libraries whilst creating a sustainable eLending model for all stakeholders. We have started talking to some independent and mid-list Australian publishers and they appear to be very receptive to the idea”, said Ross Balharrie, Project Manager for this pilot project.

The platform will be the first independent open eBook platform in Australia. Through this project the State Library of New South Wales and the participating libraries will be able to:

  • Provide more digital content to their user communities.
  • Access midlist, independent, locally produced content or self-published works.
  • Enhance their purchasing power.
  • Share their collections or acquire titles for use only by their respective library system
  • Overcome the complexities that come with a project of this magnitude

The pilot libraries will also be able to create their own library purchasing centers in addition to the open Marketplace offered by OdiloTID and deeply integrate the platform into their existing ILMS systems.

Rodrigo Rodriguez, CEO of Odilo believes that “Australian libraries can highly benefit from cooperation in terms of content and technology sharing. By working together, libraries can provide better digital collections for their patrons.” Rodriguez also stated that: “This is why we are committed to partnerships with libraries of all types around the globe to offer them a solution that is flexible, intuitive, patron-friendly, full-featured, and scalable and fits well within library budgets of all sizes.“

About State Library of New South Wales

The State Library of NSW is regarded as one of the great libraries of the world. As a developing center of digital excellence, the Library engages online across NSW, Australia and globally. Its collections are increasingly delivered digitally for all to use and repurpose, providing depth for the researcher and stimulus to the creative industries. The State Library works in partnership with the public library network to enrich the lives of people and communities across NSW.The State Library of NSW’s mission to strengthen the community by being the trusted provider of quality information services is demonstrated by the quality of products, programs and staff that fulfills the needs of the community.


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