Spanish edtech ODILO strengthens its international positioning by partnering with the leading telco in Africa and the Middle East

Madrid, 21 April 2024 – Leading technology and telecommunications company, MTN, has significantly enhanced its professional development capabilities with the successful implementation of ODILO’s Unlimited Learning Ecosystem. The ecosystem drives their newly rebranded MTN ULearn solution, underscoring MTN’s commitment to employee growth and its position as a market leader in the global and African ICT industry.

The realisation of MTN’s ‘Ambition 2025’ strategy necessitated rapid upskilling and reskilling of its workforce in critical areas such as cloud, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and leadership skills. The company’s multinational, multicultural nature demanded a learning platform that could adapt to the diverse needs of its employees and markets.

After a thorough selection process, MTN chose ODILO as its strategic learning partner in April 2023. ODILO distinguished itself with its intuitive, Netflix-like user experience, delivered through the MTN ULearn virtual campus. It also offers a vast content library from over 19,000 publishers (e-books, podcasts, courses, etc.), available on-demand. MTN ULearn’s integration capabilities allow for partnerships with specialised vendors, providing focused micro-learning courses. This comprehensive approach aligns with MTN’s goal of democratizing learning for all employees.

ODILO’s close collaboration with MTN’s learning leaders has been instrumental in tailoring the experience to MTN’s specific needs. Key achievements include the launch of the “Live Y’ello Values” e-learning solution, promoting understanding of the company’s refreshed values across Africa and the Middle East. Additionally, “Career Growth Maps” were designed to develop skills in AI, machine learning, software engineering, and more for 14,000 employees, enhancing their potential for internal career opportunities.

MTN ULearn’s impact is evident in its metrics. Within six months, it saw 13,000+ active users (87% of MTN’s workforce), over 253,000 hours of learning consumed, and over 156,000 learning resources accessed. Content is available in English, Portuguese, and French to support a diverse workforce across 20 countries.

Charl Cuyler, MTN Group’s HR GM: MTN ULearn has supercharged our ‘Vision Superlearning 2025’, in seamless alignment with our ‘Ambition 2025’ strategy. The remarkable results and high learner satisfaction within just six months underscore its value. This platform not only empowers our employees to unlock their potential but also actively enables them to grow their careers with purpose, demonstrating our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.”

On the other hand, Rodrigo Rodríguez, ODILO’s CEO, confirms that “ODILO has truly been the catalyst for MTN’s transformation in professional development. Our Unlimited Learning Ecosystem is instrumental in our pursuit of upskilling and reskilling employees, which is one of the key components of the success in the corporate world.

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