Unlimited Learning as a Way of Life

The world is constantly evolving and education must meet the requirements of an increasingly dynamic environment. We need to promote learning that facilitates the development of skills that allow adaptation to the requirements of the changing labor market and adopt unlimited learning as a way of life.

Despite the significant investment organizations make in platforms and licensing from multiple educational content providers, the usage metrics and educational results achieved by most do not meet minimum expectations. In addition, experiences are limited, which means that not all learning needs and interests are covered.

It is imperative that we provide institutions with unlimited access to continuous knowledge, designed and tailored specifically to an organization’s needs, intelligently selecting and offering the best educational content and learning experiences, adapting to the preferences and needs of each student, teacher, family, organization and user.

New methods for assimilating knowledge are becoming popular, from reading an ebook to listening to a podcast or watching a video tutorial. There are more and more options and formats that promote learning: courses, interactive content, educational apps or movies, so that each person can find the time and the way that best suits their needs to continue learning. The aim is to increase interest in developing new skills and competencies.

Borderless, frictionless instruction is a great leap into the future, and only those who stay ahead of the trends by gaining a competitive advantage will be ready to take it.

In Colombia, many organizations and institutions have committed to Unlimited Learning, for example, the Colombian Ministry of Education, the Luis Ángel Arango Library, or the District Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports. There are already close to 23 million Colombians who learn unlimitedly and have personalized learning experiences tailored to their needs and ways of learning.

ODILO has created a new category in the education market: Unlimited Learning Ecosystems. The company allows any organization to create its own fully customized learning ecosystems, and offer its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of educational content. Here they can generate all types of learning experiences without restrictions and, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, build unique learning paths and experiences for both organizations and users.

The company has the only Business Intelligence system capable of measuring all possible forms of learning, whether across multiple formats and devices, in collaboration with others, in the classroom or during leisure time, on the go, etc. This gives organizations the ability to measure and certify any form of learning, as well as to have the data-based evidence to learn about the educational results of any content and methodology and to constantly improve their training programs.

More than 8,500 organizations in 52 countries – including governments in Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa; academic leaders such as Peking University and top companies such as Vodafone, Nestlé and Banco Santander – have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems that provide access to learning to an aggregate base of more than 100 million users.

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