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Solutions for all levels:

Nursery and Primary Education

Elementary Schools

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Colleges and Universities

Enhance digital literacy

  • K12 Education. Promote reading, comprehension, and digital skills.
  • International Schools. Complement advanced curriculums with content in multiple languages and subjects.
  • Academic Libraries. Various digital content available, whether fiction, nonfiction, and/or reference.


Offer innovative resources and formats for your librarians, teachers, and students.

Help teachers meet their instructional goals using multimedia content (eBooks, eAudio, films, interactive educational materials, etc.), offered in multiple languages and a range of lending models.

Teachers can monitor each student's progress and offer customized and adaptive assistance.

The Educational eBookClub allows teachers and librarians to guide learning objectives, encourage digital discussions, and enhance student comprehension and overall success.

Colleges & Universities

A digital library for all departments

Support the research needs of students and faculty with our comprehensive digital content platform, offering eBooks, eAudio, streaming films, and more. Provide local content created by students or faculty, along with popular digital reference, fiction, or nonfiction materials. Meet the needs of your International Studies, ESL, Study Abroad, and language programs by providing thousands of quality titles in multiple languages.

Complement different curriculums with the Educational eBookClub, allowing professors to add quizzes, notes, videos, and other supplemental educational materials into the club platform.

Educational eBookClub

An online social reading experience

Students of all ages will enjoy this interactive, online literary experience. Both students and educators will appreciate this innovative platform, offering direct access to the featured title, online discussions, live chat sessions, note-taking, and highlighting, sharing, and commenting on select passages.

eBookClubs are simple to create and facilitate for library staff or educators, and can be customized with additional tabs, links, and unique information. Complements classroom learning, whether K12 or academic.

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