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Easily browse, buy, and distribute a variety of digital content (eBooks, eAudio, video, etc.) from more than 2,500 publishers in over 40 different languages.

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What is OdiloPlace?

OdiloPlace is a digital content marketplace, featuring titles from publishers worldwide. Save money and build your collection quickly with our flexible lending models: one-user one-copy (expiring, metered, or perpetual), Pay-per-Use, simultaneous access, or subscription. Once purchased, titles are immediately available in your OdiloTK platform, already catalogued and ready for check-out.

Quality content

Titles from the 'Big 5' publishers and others, including Open Road Media, Planeta, Wiley, Oxford University Press, and hundreds more. Plus, popular Spanish magazines, newspapers, and streaming films.


Thousands of titles in multiple languages, including Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.


One of the few global digital bookstores that offer all kinds of media: eBooks, eAudio, interactive educational materials, films, etc.

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Lending models

Various pricing models available, including one- copy one-user (expiring, metered, and perpetual), Pay-per-Use, simultaneous, and/or subscription.

Curated collections

Purchase an entire collection of titles, or browse within our thematic collections for just a few titles. Create your own wishlist collection to share with others.

Collaborative purchase

Share shopping carts and ideas with others in your consortia/network.

Some of our publishers

Grupo Planeta
Simon and Schuster
Harper Collins
Penguin random house
Grupo SM
Wiley logo
Casa del Libro
MacMillan logo
Hachette book group
Open road media
Lerner group
Roca Editorial
Ediciones Siruela
Siglo hombre
Factoría de ideas
Perseus Books logo

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