Special author event at ALA conference: Her Wild Oats, a living testament to late author’s life.

Her wild Oats

(Denver, CO) June 3, 2015:

In 2014, Untreed Reads posthumously published Her Wild Oats, written by the late Kathi Kamen Goldmark, and edited and promoted by her husband, Sam Barry. ODILO proud to host Untreed Reads and Sam Barry in their booth (#2741) on Saturday, June 27, 2015, at 3 p.m., during the Annual Conference of the American Library Association in San Francisco.

Completed shortly before her untimely death from breast cancer, Goldmark’s Her Wild Oats is a honky-tonk road story about two unlikely pals: A smart young woman, Arizona Rosenblatt, who leaves home (and her role as assistant to a high-powered Hollywood executive) when she discovers her husband is having an affair; and thirteen-year-old Otis Ray ‘Wild Oats’ Pixlie, boy genius harmonica player. In the end, Otis Ray learns what it means to be an adult, Arizona discovers the life she wants, and they both figure out the true meaning of love and family.

Goldmark’s husband, Sam Barry, has been in publishing for 25 years as an editor, publisher, teacher, and author of several books. In addition, Barry is a member of The Rock Bottom Remainders, which his late wife cofounded with other authors including Stephen King, Dave Barry, Amy Tan, and Mitch Album. Untreed Reads is a publishing, distribution, and production company with an emphasis on independent authors and publishers.

Barry, who works tirelessly to promote his late wife’s book, will be signing her books in the ODILO booth, #2741. A limited number of free books and eBooks will be available.

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