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The digital content revolution is here


Aggregators, authors, libraries, and publishers have all had to adapt to new, and sometimes not so desirable, business models. The content available to libraries has diversified, and the Big 5 publishers no longer exclusively hold the keys to the Kingdom. Creative and alternative models now allow ownership of titles with different leasing models, such as the renowned DCL Model. Do you know where the market will go next and how best to prepare?

Join Jamie LaRue, former Douglas County Libraries Director, CEO of LaRue and Associates, and ALA Candidate for President, as he discusses emerging models and solutions offered by Odilo, an innovative technology and digital content provider for libraries.

This webinar will help your organization to:

  • Save money. Buying content through Odilo saves real dollars, which means more content for your patrons.
  • Preserve your investment. Continue using existing solutions (OverDrive, 3M, and B&T) as a better competitive source for getting your content.
  • Explore new streams of content beyond the Big Five – at greater savings and with real ownership. This includes midlist, regional, independent, and even local self-published content.
  • Build consortia. Expand offerings by sharing technical infrastructure.
  • Integrate your collections. Your patrons don’t care which vendor you use, as long as they can easily browse and find what they want. Use a Readers First-compliant tool that gives you one search for everything.

If you want to register for the upcoming webinar, access this link WEBINAR


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