Abu Dhabi Teachers Conference

Abu Dhabi 2023

Let’s relive the incredible moment at the Abu Dhabi Teachers Conference 2023! In this standout educational event organized by Abu Dhabi and Dubai principals, ODILO had the honor of sharing experiences about the impact of our Unlimited Learning Ecosystems. With an enriching focus, we showcased how educators worldwide can enhance their teaching skills and add value to their students’ learning competencies with our #UnlimitedLearning.

Our Vice President of Global Education Sales for Schools, Universities, and Governments at ODILO, Scott Smith, shared his vision on “Innovating with an Unlimited Learning Ecosystem,” inspiring over 400-500 educators, principals, and school directors. It was a knowledge-rich experience, providing insights into the future of learning.

Throughout the event, we offered an exclusive view of how schools can benefit from an #UnlimitedLearning Ecosystem, ensuring a dynamic and continuous experience, pedagogical guidance, and increased engagement. We thank Amity International School Abu Dhabi for hosting this enriching event.

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