Digital Talent Ecosystem Dialog 2023

Digital Talent Ecosystem Dialog 2023

Relive the experience of the Digital Talent Ecosystem Dialogue, the standout meeting where CIOs and CHROs leaders immersed themselves on February 2, 2023, in discussions about building, fostering, and managing digital talent to envision the future of the digital economy.

The event was a unique opportunity for interaction with visionaries and innovators at both regional and international levels. Real-time debates were generated on the necessary adaptation to the digital future, shaping a digital workforce, and organizing for tomorrow.

ODILO stood out significantly in this scenario, sharing how Learning and Development (L&D) can impact the culture and global change of any organization. In the context of rapid digitization, talent is globally recognized as the greatest challenge for organizational leadership in achieving digital transformation goals.

At ODILO, we actively contribute with an approach aligned with the technological needs of the workforce and the digital work environment of organizations in building the future of digital talent. From ODILO, we are committed to empowering each individual to become the best version of themselves through #UnlimitedLearning.