4 tips to inspire family reading

family reading with ODILO



Celebrating the International Day of Families on May 15th could be a great opportunity to do some reading together.

In ODILO, we want to give you some ideas to inspire you to read more in a familiar environment. Gather your kids together, get a tablet, your laptop or a smartphone and enjoy some digital reading together.

ODILO is an Intelligent Digital Library provider for Schools, Universities, Public Libraries and Companies that aims to increase literacy rates all over the world by making more than 2 million titles available for readers and learners of all ages.

Here are a few tips to make reading a habit:

  1. Story charades: select a story that your family knows well (a well-known book or fairy tale, maybe) and challenge every member of the family to act: a few members of the family can do the acting, another one; the narration and others can be the audience. This is a simple exercise that helps readers truly understand storylines and details and reexamine the story.
  2. Who Am I? Choose one of your children´s favorite book characters and describe details, personality, problems that they go through and make the kids guess the character. This game will help you incorporate critical thinking in a fun way.
  3. Nourishing the meal time: Have the children read recipes out loud while you are cooking dinner. This will make them practice reading, understanding instructions, build up vocabulary and help to improve oratory skills.
  4. Reach out and read: Involve family members who live far away by setting up a Skype date and share an ebook together. Organize a reading session where your children can share a book with relatives. This will be amazing for younger readers, who will be able to show-off their fluency and oral reading skills, and also building more confidence. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the International Day of Families?