Creating Unlimited Learning & Collaborative Cultures: The Essential Guide for Industry Innovators


  • Find out how to effectively build a highly-engaging learning culture at your workplace
  • Discover the guidelines for highly-effective corporate learning solutions

Why is workplace learning important? Well, let’s face it: we learn every day, whether we are actively seeking to learn something new or not… In our work environment, we learn from our teammates, from our clients, our providers, during meetings, from our bosses, etc. Workplace learning should be a top priority because it is going to happen, regardless of the methods used to administer it. Employees learn then retain knowledge and skills every day. So, to assure an optimal learning process for employees, it’s important to formally establish a learning culture. 

A collaborative corporate culture that supports an open mindset, an independent quest for knowledge and a shared learning experience that is directed towards your organization’s mission is highly necessary. Unfortunately, only 10% of organizations have managed to effectively achieve such a culture. According to recent research, only 20% of the employees demonstrate effective learning behaviors at work. Another study has shown that the companies who “effectively nurture their employee’s desire to learn” are least 30% more likely to become market leaders in their industries.

What is the main problem with workplace learning? Often, employees might see it as yet another obligation. We at ODILO believe that a strong learning culture is an environment where everyone is excited to acquire, build and apply the lessons learned, inspiring others to do the same. Employees should have some mandatory learning requirements but otherwise should have clear guidance, ample choice, some autonomy to learn what they want and any program must be adapted to their busy lifestyles. 

We strongly believe that a company should offer an effective way to amplify every employee’s learning experience by using technology and an adapted and high-end user experience to provide a collaborative culture designed for creating long term knowledge, building strong mental models and finally expanding your learning to the organization and your daily routines. 

That being said, we include a brief report where we share our experiences working with different institutions, both private and public, and guidelines on what we believe is required to achieve this mission. 

The Essential Guide for Industry Innovators shows you how to effectively create unlimited learning and a collaborative culture for your employees. 

You can read it by downloading it here for free: 

Creating Unlimited Learning & Collaborative Cultures: The Essential Guide for Industry Innovators

You can leverage the power of a “Netflix-style” learning experience, a vast and growing multimedia catalog covering all skills as well as personalized Learning Clubs which collectively allow you to tackle any challenges you may encounter and enable you to build an unlimited learning and collaborative culture in your organization. 

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